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Gotta love them Boston tourists


Boston tourists have the look of discovery on their faces. With efficient dispatch, their long-lat advisory  devices are  routinely ignored when something else more interesting  lands on their eyeball.

They hold hands, wear fancy hats and spend generously on souvenirs, attraction tickets and hotels. The Boston Convention and Tourist Bureau has assembled a whole army of enablers to see to it they are cared for. Downtown workers take cues from the languages they speak and the clothes they wear. Golden dark-skinned tourist women stand out from the rest in their tight fitting white pants and presentable sunglasses.

Tourist made the Duck Boat Cartel become super-popular. They’ll l brave the mysterious ingredients in the  food sold by Faneuil Hall merchants and memes.

In the Financial District, the average sized lunch ticket between two business antagonists is $60 a meal and tourist know better – they don’t spend that much per person on lunch in Boston.

I love them tourist!