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This elected Boston Councillor accepts help from people who believe the rent is too damn high!

Earlier this week, Smallwall Writer asked you to respond to an effort to restrict AirBnB apartment rental volume in the City of Boston. Then we wrote a letter to the movement leadership. ( Photo of small house adapted a Boston Globe article.)

We heard back a day after.

This is the letter we received.


From Councilor Tim McCarthy

The issue of short term rentals is an incredibly complex issue that will have many years of positive or negative impacts on the City of Boston. I will continue to work with the administration and my colleagues in order to get a solid ordinance that addresses this issue.

I appreciate your email and your advocacy.

Tim McCarthy

District 5 City Councilor

Boston City Hall- 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02201



What you see out your front door- is important to us!

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National TV show seeks African American interviewees for housing discrimination story. Paid role.

This is a casting call issued to African Americans and Multiracials. Payment terms TBD (to be determined)


The show seeks African American and Interracial couples/families, who feel like they were discriminated against and want to share their story.  

It could be a multitude of reasons on why they feel this way…they fit the criteria but still got denied, they had a hard time with real estate agents, they’ve been given the run around, they feel like they’ve been treated unfairly, strange things were said to them, etc…

It can be someone who is currently experiencing this or did experience it in the past.

Maybe you know people who have been affected by this and would want to share their story and help be the change?

Casting is nationwide excluding CA.

you are being referred by William at

for consideration


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Send corporate AirBnB raiders this letter today. It helps put more rental apts back on the market.

a dollar for an idea

When a 170-unit apartment building opened. In Jamaica Plain, a corporation scooped up 24 units at full rent. They loaded in furniture and began renting to short-term users for $210 per day.

When a West coast city passed a rule banning this practice, thousands of apartments came back on the market overnight.

You can help stop the raids in Boston.

Email the letter below


Adco Boston is the campaign

to stop corporate AirBnB

TO: Boston City Council Members:

I am writing to support the Mayor’s Ordinance on Short-Term Residential Rentals in the City of Boston.

The elimination of the Investor Unit category will preserve housing opportunities for our residents and better ensure the mitigation of potentially significant negative impacts on our downtown neighborhoods.

I urge Councilors to vote ‘yes’ on the Mayor’s ordinance.

Thank you,

Your name
Your address in Boston