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H&M, FootLocker and Target stores in Boston know their audience

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You can’t miss seeing person after person leaving the South Shore Shopping Center in Braintree carrying bags away while looking for their parked car or the bus. We are keen observers and we noticed.

We also saw surveyors perched above the ground floor deck looking over the balcony toward’s Nordstrom’s department store as they were observing shoppers walking away from it into the mall and towards them. They had clip boards and were quick to mark it.

When we asked these surveyors what where they doing, they kinda blew us off and didn’t answer the question. So we observed them a bit longer and yes – they were counting people inside the mall who were carrying bags.  They wouldn’t tell us what they were writing on the papers but clearly they didn’t want to miss anyone.  Feeling the urge, we conducted our own independent investigation while just walking around.

It was July 3rd, 2014 – Boston’s first 4th on the third at South Shore Mall. The parking lot was full but not to the density of a Christmas shopping day. Pedestrian traffic was mild. The restaurants inside the mall were practically empty. And buses depositing mall shoppers and browsers were quite full.

That’s where we picked up a trend and this is it.

Nine times out of ten, every time we saw a person with a shopping bag full of stuff they had bought in the Mall that day they had a bag from one of these three stores: Target, Footlocker or H&M. Now most of these shoppers were catching the Quincy Station / Randolph MBTA bus to go home.

They didn’t have lots of bags, maybe three at most, but most were carrying just one. This was different than what shoppers who drove cars or took a taxi were carrying. Those shoppers had three or more bags and usually walked in pairs.

H&M, Footlocker and Target stores in Boston know who their audience is.

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