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Petite house for sale in Randolph. Saw them bring this fixer upper from the brink.

Update 10/03. The asking price is $345,000, a shocking sum for this one I’d say. It has 3 bedrooms the realtor said.

The  positives: Brand new construction improved the bones of this house on sale in Randolph.

New paint job and landscaping. New doors and wood, new yard stones and trimmed shrubs. Landscaping has been significantly improved.

Address is 180 Highland Ave, Randolph near Town Hall.

Size: from the outside it looks like a two bed, one bath living room with kitchen config.

Has a separate detached two door garage and spacey driveway.

Fit for two kid household.  You could fit more people but it will be a squeeze.

I see an extension protruding beyond its snug recrangukar frame. It looks like a third bedroom or a dedicated home office.

Price I think its worth: $185,000 to no more than $225,000. Larger homes around it sell for $325,000 and up.

What’s bad about it: the busy, Highand Ave is a front door eyesore and the noise must be a bother.

But nevermind. Highland Ave is lined with great looking homes and yards. You have a $2.6 million state  of the art track, soccer field  and football high school stadium 1,000 yards down the road.

When the marching band plays on a Friday night they are louder  than the traffic noise.

What is Zillow telling you about this location? I wobdwr if my price range guess is correct.

Call realtor at 781-659-6650. Ask about 180 Highland in Randolph.

There is an open house from 1-3 tomorrow 10/2.