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Quincy Geneva Apartment Dorchester building opens to new applicants – low income preference

May 21th in Dorchester:  Quincy Geneva II will offer:

1BR, 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR units for very low income applicants at Quincy Geneva II

You can download the typeable application at:
< >

(you can also apply to other properties out of this same office using the same application, but the only SUBSIDIZED waitlist is Quincy Geneva II; the rest of their properties are “Affordable Fixed Rent Waitlists” that require a higher income or a voucher. )

THIS APPLICATION WILL GO ONLINE SOMETIME ON MAY 14 at 10 AM. This is *NOT* a lottery, so whoever gets the applications in first will be higher up the list.

IMPORTANT: *MAIL* THE APPLICATION TO THE ADDRESS ON THE APPLICATION WHERE IT WILL GET PROCESSED! DON’T WALK IT INTO THE ACTUAL OFFICE – if you walk it into the office, they will have to then mail your application to the processing address and only then will it get date/time stamped!!!!!! If you walk it in, you risk ending up farther down on the waitlist because you didn’t deliver it to the right place.

You can download the typeable application at:
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Affordable Rental Apartments accepting applications in Uphrams Corner and Columbia Road. 1BR $803

60 Apartments available. Resident pays heat, hot water and electric. Maximum Income limits apply. Deadline for applicants is June 21, 5pm.

Address: St. Kevin’s Residential, 35 Bird Street, 516 Columbia Road in Boston.
Phone: (781) -884-1951  CORCORAN MANAGEMENT COMPANY at the controls for both addresses.

At St. Kevin’s Corner:

1 Bedroom $803 to 999 per month rent

2 Bedroom $946 to$1,171 per month

3 Bedroom $1,068 to $1,336 per month

Uphams Corner units: 1BR $853, 2br no more than $1,237, 3 br no more than $1,421.99.

For incomes from 1 to 6 person earners in the household, starts at $36,300 for 1 person and tops at $72,000 for six persons.

Management will be there to do your applications on June 12th,13,15,16,17th from 10am to 4PM. We’ld 6/14th from 9 am to 6 pm.

DEADLINE to return  the application is 6/21 at 5:00pm.  Carry it in or send with h tracking:

By Mail: atten: Uphams Corner Residential & St. Kevin’s Residential, 530 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Ma 02125

For Zip code 02120

Check out 70 Parker Hill, Boston Ma. 02120

for Income Restricted Apartment Rentals.

They advertised One Studio, Five 1BRs and One 2 Bed ADA Mobility apartment.

(617) 209-5250

$1,086.00  to $1,448.00 per month