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Affordable apartment rental prices per location

MBTA Shawmut artwork

NOVEMBER lottery action

The FINCH Apts in Cambridge  Lottery
The HarborWalk Apt lottery  downtown
Canvas Apartment lottery Beverly, MA  

Call 617 996-7117 with your cell,
Press 1 for the Smallwall SMS list.

when you recieve the Smallwall SMS lottery list
you’ll have applications to be filed before upcoming deadlies

Look who is hiring

Quantitative Analyst needed, sal  $50,000 – $90,000, full-time
DEBTX, Inc., downtown Boston

Staff Associate, Web Content Developer, sal starts $70,000
Online Development Manager,sal starts $80,000
Bridgewater State University

Apartment waitlist

Jamaica Plain Pitts Portfolio
$1,269-$1,746 per month, bedroom sizes vary
1st come, 1st serve

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Affordable housing vacancy list from the unknowable market.

Organize your space

Apartment vacancies exist in the internet stream, however; there are non-advertised affordable apartment units. The number is unknowable. Some are found in neighborhood gossip. We see flyers with APT AVAIL notices pinned to ice cream and coffee shop bulletin boards. A food coop where vegetarians and vegans shop is a another source for leads. Those bulletin boards have listings posted. 

How to get housing lottery applications in MA streaming to your SMS device.  click here to request yours.

How to get Jobs we can refer you to.

You are welcome to request JOB leads.  Use this  form.

Jobs and career opportunities paying $45,000 to $150,000 from recruiters who are seeking referrals from us are here.

  • November – thru December are holiday shopping months.  FEDEX and UPS shippers will definitely be hiring people in the warehouses to handle the increased volume. They pay $18/hr on average.
  • CENSUS.  The Census bureau is hiring, starting at $25/hr with flexible hours. You can apply there at  Call 1-855-JOB-2020.
  • Licensed drivers can get work at a lot of places. And if you have a CDL – ( commercial drivers license)  oh goodness, there are too many jobs openings out there for  you. 

Stay connected

Get on our Jobs Mailing List Here (click). When FEDEX and UPS start sending in their job openings we send you the copy and contact info.

We are showing a few of the many listings available to rent or purchase housing at affordable prices. You receive all listing with Smallwall  SMS Text service from  Learn More

Where are the hard-to-find affordable rental apartments?

.Keep you eyes wide open everywhere you go. A home owner and landlord living in a large 3 or 4-family house used to tape a store-bought Rental Available poster on the front porch for all to see, before the Internet hit, driving people to spend hours on Craigslist looking up the listings.

But you know that be a hassle, so what else can you do? Start with the Boston Herald newspaper Classified Section because good prices for rentals and rooms are often listed there.  Stop by laundromats, coffee shops and ice-cream parlos and look at the bulletin boards.  Watch what hangs on a telephone pole in the neighborhoods.  Ask a bar tender.  Do the owners of storefront bodega stores own property for rent? You bet they do and they often have it upstairs above their stores in the same buildings.

People own empty homes but are afraid to rent floors to strangers.

  • You know this happens more than you think. But when they have a need for cash they will rent them. Ask everyone where you work or who you know about this, something will turn up.
  • Ask around at the churches, check their newsletters and bulletins.
  • Form alliances with social service techs and support housing advocates events.  The contacts are useful for your housing search.

Electronic filers are making these moves

  • HousingWorks, Inc., a non-profit in the Fenway who does work for many housing authorities in charge of listings for towns –  has either put the ( some) applications online, or has a link to it, or a way to get it in time to join the lottery.
  • Usually  applications are completely TYPEABLE, which saves you time: you can finish the applications faster for the client. 
  • They are easier for the lottery person to read. They ( the lottery applications) are easier to mail because the address fits in the window of many # 10 window envelopes going out into the mail after labels are printed.
  • The support with the SMALLWALL SMS item provides access to electronic filing.   Order Online

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Brand new Fenway Park Luxury Apartments use this lease contract language.

Van Ness interior

These are excepts of the the apartment rental lease language in rental contracts offered by most Boston luxury apartment buildings for tenants who are going to rent one.  The lease for subsidized or the  affordable rental units set aside may possibly be different.

Residence: Up to 24 months of rental history may be verified on present and previous residence. A positive record ofprompt monthly payment, sufficient notice, and no damages is expected. For applicants who are homeowners, permission must be granted to verify payment history with the bank or lending institution.
Credit Report: An unsatisfactory credit report can disqualify an applicant from renting an apartment at this community. An unsatisfactory credit report is one that reflects past or current bad debts, late payments or unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies. If an applicant is rejected for poor credit history, the applicant will be given the name, address and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that provided the credit report (but not be told the content of the credit report). An applicant rejected for unsatisfactory credit is encouraged to obtain a copy of the credit report from the credit reporting agency, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report, and resubmit an application to this community.
Employment/Income: Stable employment record and income verification shall be required. In order for an applicant to be approved, he/she must generally earn on a gross monthly basis a minimum of two times the gross monthly leased rent. Acceptable income verification if required may include: a paystub; a letter from the employer; the most recent W-2 form; or, for self-employed or non-employed applicants, a copy of the most recent tax return or certified verification from his/her company accountant or from a bank showing a balance sufficient to pay rent for 24 months.

Criminal Background: Grounds for rejection of an applicant or occupant may include, but are not limited to, any felony conviction or arrest record. We also do not lease to applicants with certain misdemeanor arrests and convictions.

Verification is through state public records.

Co-signers / Guarantors In the event a co-signer/guarantor is required, he/she must complete an Application for Occupancy and meet all income
and qualifying standards. A co-signer/guarantor will be fully responsible for the Lease Agreement if the occupying resident(s) default.
Subletting Subletting is prohibited at this community …..]




The Affordable Units Rent for These Prices
at the new Van Ness luxury apartments at Fenway ParkVan Ness Affordable Lottery Rates