Apartment rental lottery leads October 28th items added. Boston area and Massachusetts rental and condo purchase deals.


ADD TO CART OCTOBER 28th 2017 additions now included. Download this Lottery Lead Package. On your receipt you click a link to open the Electronic product file containing lottery apartment rentals and home ownership offers in Boston and Massachusetts state. You get addresses nd contact info to the property managers who hold the applications and know about the vacancies.  This FREE File  posted October 28th, 2017 has future listings thru the month and is the same as the other October 28th lottery item in this store.


ADD TO CART OCTOBER 28th items added. Download Affordable  Lottery Leads.  You’ll click a link in your Receipt and the Electronic Product File appear.  Package includes Apartment rentals and Home ownership offers in Boston and Massachusetts state. Links to affordable property managers with the applications for everyone. FREE October 28th edition  2017. Same as other Oct 28th item in this store.

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