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You will receive by email  regular rental apartment lottery news updates for 30 days.  Include property names, criteria and addresses, property manager contacts, lottery application deadline dates and Massachusetts affordable housing and restricted rental opportunities. There are no monthly charges.

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RENTAL LOTTERY UPDATES BY EMAIL  is a 30-day  subscription starting the day after you order.  You receive updates often. We save you time looking around and wondering what’s coming out. We send you offers you don’t want to miss. Data  includes property street address, property manager contact info for requesting the applications, the deadlines you do not to miss. Section 8 and income restricted housing offers will be included.  No monthly charges.  Live Chat is available every day at

General info. Here are some application questions and answers for BOSTON related affordable rental deals I thought you may want to know.

I am applying for a lottery and want to get the Boston resident preference. What documents should I provide to the marketing agent with my application?

An applicant wishing to establish the resident preference must provide the marketing agent with two utility bills showing the applicant’s name and current Boston address.

Bills must be from separate companies and must be dated within the past 60 days.

If the applicant cannot provide two utility bills, the following documentation must be provided to establish the resident preference:

  • 1) current signed lease* AND either (2a) proof of voter registration from the City of Boston Election Department
  • or (2b) proof of automobile insurance showing the address where the car is garaged.
  • *In lieu of a signed lease, an applicant may provide a letter from a homeless shelter confirming current residency; the letter must be on shelter letterhead and signed by an executive or manager authorized to act on behalf of the agency.
  • Unfortunately, applicants who cannot provide documentation within these guidelines are not eligible to receive the residency preference.

Do I have to be a Boston resident to participate?

No, anyone may participate.

Boston residents receive a “preference” in many lotteries, but residency is not a requirement.

The preference gives residents priority in the order by which applications are reviewed for eligibility. But ultimately all households must qualify under the same eligibility guidelines in order to buy or rent a unit..

What materials or information should I have on hand to make the application process easier?

Individuals interested in applying for affordable housing should have the following items on hand in order to make the application process easier.

  1. Two recent pay stubs.
  2. Mortgage pre-approval letter – If Buying
  3. Past two years State and Federal tax returns and W-2s.
  4. Copies of full bank statements.

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