Renters Relief. Landlords Relief. More grants available.

Boston is adding $50 million more to the fund that pays renters and landlords when things fall behind. Renters must work with landlords on this. It takes two to access the money. You could qualify for up to $15,000 in back rent payments.

APPLY for the Boston funds online

prerequisites are:

The City of Boston’s Rental Relief Fund can help renters with the following expenses:

  • Past due (from March 13, 2020), current, and up to three months of expected rent costs  
  • Past due (from March 13, 2020), current, or up to three months of expected utility (including internet) and home energy expenses ($1,500 utility allowance)
  • You are in the 80% AMI rent rate bracket.

Massachusetts Renters Relief programs
For additional information, please contact DHCD at 617-573-1150

Select a town from the Drop Down list to find the agency providing Renters and Landlords relief for your town or city in Massachusetts when not Boston

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