Cheaper Boston apartments for the lower wage earners.

When you see the words “affordable apartment” attached to renting in Boston, think about paying about $1,500 a month in rent for the Studio or 1BR model apartment units in the building.

The word “apartment” sounds small. But, the older the building, the more likely you will have big rooms with high ceilings, large windows, and perhaps a cute terrace for sun bathing.

Boston apartments do not come with the land to grow food on. If you get a guaranteed parking space, it more than likely won’t be free. Never mind these lesser ideals. There are several appealing reasons about living and working in Boston that will drown out these shortcomings. For starters, it’s a great city for a tech school or college grad looking for stimulation from arts, cultural and technology activities. Live the life and save to own your own place one day.

Rent Based on Income 

Means your Rent is based on a percentage of your anticipated yearly income for some units. You should strive to file the most complete and accurate application for the lease, because you are going to have stiff competition. The cheaper apartments Could have thousands of people applying for the unit you want,

The First Come, First Served Unit Open 

1BR, 2BR

Rents from $1,680 – $2,016

First Come, First Served Details

Waitlist Open 

The waitlist is open for:

1BRIncluding accessible units, 2BRIncluding accessible units

Additional Waitlist Details

Wilshire Westminster development is an assembly of 99 units in total comprising Wilshire Apartments and Westminster Court. Wilshire Apartments is a 29-unit building located at 49-51 Cheney Street in Dorchester. Urban Edge acquired Wilshire Apartments property in 2014. Westminster Court is a 70-unit development in Roxbury. Urban Edge co-owns Westminster Court with the Westminster Court Apartment Tenants Association. This development complex was constructed in 1967.

Additional Details

For more information about how to get on the waitlist, contact the Boston Housing Authority, Leased Housing Department at 617-988-4000.

HOMESTART. visit or call 617-542-0338.


7 Ink –  New 

Address: 217 Albany St. – South End

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 4

4 – Single Room Occupancy: $1,174

Apply Here  

South Standard –  New 

Address: 235 Old Colony Ave. – South Boston 

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 5

2 – Studio: $2,350

2 – One Bedroom: $2,775  

1 – Two Bedroom: $3,904*

* units built out for household with mobility impairments/or that are deaf/hard of hearing 

Apply Here 

Emery Flats – New

Address: 200 Presidential Way – Woburn 

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 1

1 – Studio: $1,909

Apply Here

Essex Landing – New

Address: 44 Collins Ave.- Saugus 

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 1

1 – One Bedroom: $2,257

Apply Here  

80 Bridge 

Address: 80 Bridge St. -Dedham

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 1

1 – One Bedroom: $2,078

Apply Here 

176 – 178 Washington 

Address: 176 – 178 Washington – Chelsea

Type of Property: Rental  

Total Available: 1

1 – One Bedroom: $2,004

Apply Here 

Haywood House  

Address: 100 JFK Circle – Newton 

Type of Property: Rental   

Total Available: 6

10 – One Bedroom: $1,929  

 Apply Here 


Google “Hendries at Central Station”  

Address: 131 Eliot St. – Milton

This is what affordable home ownership looks like:

1 – One Bedroom: $215,000

3 – Two Bedroom: $232,000 

1 – Studio: $1,472 

2 – Two Bedroom: $1,926

1 – Three Bedroom: $3,167 

Apply Here 

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