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IRS Free Tax Help location opens Dec 31st in Boston


If your income is less than $50,000 a year or if you are elderly, you qualify for FREE Federal Income tax help thru the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs.

Official providers listed near zip 02119 is:
Brighton Branch / Boston Public Library
40 Academy Hill Road
Brighton, MA 02135 by Appointment — 617-347-5624
STARTS Dec 31, 2015 – and Jan 2nd 2016



There will be more listings added for sure.
check web site often

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INK BLOCK Apartments Affordable Rental Rate Price List

INK BLOCK Affordable Apartment prices

There was a lottery held about a year ago with 41 New Affordable Apartments were offered for rent.

Rents for the affordable units were:

14  Studios rented for $1,020 with 570 sqft
20 1BR rented for $1,190 720 sqft
6  2BR rented for $1,361 1,050 sqft
1 3BR rented for $1,531 1,440 sqft

The affordable units had MAXIMUM household incomes of:
1 Person – $46,100
2 Person – $52,700
3 Person – $59,300
4 Person – $65,850
5 Person – $71,150
6 Person – $76,400

*Income Limits are subject to change when the BRA publishes the annual Income Limits

The First Lottery was held in 2014 from Nov 17th thru Nov 25th. The office handling the rental development and affordable units was the SEB Office, 165 Chestnut Hill Ave #2, Brighton, MA 02135.

These were the listed preferences in the lottery:

Asset, Use & Occupancy Restrictions apply.
Disabled households have preference for 8 accessible units.
Preference for Boston Residents.
Preference for Households with at least one person per bedroom.
Ink Block is a smoke free community

For more information or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, call 617.782.6900


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Here’s what affordable housing means.

Subtotal your monthly expenses for these housing costs:

– rent or mortgage
– utilities
– taxes
– insurance and etc.

If it is equal to or less than 30% of your income, you are paying an “Affordable” rate for housing.

If you make $1,000 a month in income, $325/mo rent is too much.

Typically, the phrase “affordable housing” means any housing where the total housing costs are affordable (cost no more than 30% of income) for a family that earns no more than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

In Greater Boston, 80% of AMI for a family of 2 is $51,400. For a family 4 it is $64,200.

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Complete Guide to Massachusetts M.G.L 40H certified CDCs

A CDC or Community Development Corporation is a non profit organization formed to provide affordable housing inventory to residents living in Massachusetts.

Send a note to to get a complete list.

Watch this page fill up with links to 55 CDCs

  1. Allston Brighton CDC
    Allston Brighton CDC
    20 Linden Street, Suite 288
    Allston, MA 02134
    Phone: 617-787-3874, Fax: 617-787-0425
  2. Asian Community Development Corportion Boston
    ACDC now has five properties in its portfolio that includes 756 homes of which 375 are
    affordable. Three developments in Chinatown account for 702 newly built homes. ACDC received nearly 4,400 applications for the 95 affordable rental units in at the 300 suite building at 66 Hudson at One Greenway. Families begin moving into One Greenway August 2015.

  3. Belmont Town of Belmont Housing Trust and the HOME Consortium contact is  Jeffrey Wheeler in the Office of Community Development at 617-993-2666 or by e-mail at . Belmont’s affordable housing developments are Waverley Woods Affordable Rental Housing Development (Zone 6, McLean District), B Street and  Brighton Street. Direct questions about applying for apartments or buying a home to  the Office of Community Development.

    CDC of Southern Berkshire
    Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire (CDCSB)
    P.O. Box 733
    17 Bridge Street
    Great Barrington MA 01230
    p 413.528.7788, f 413.528.4978,
    Over the last five years, we have leveraged over $13 million in public and private investment for southern Berkshire County and created fifty affordable housing units.


    Coalition for a Better Acre (Lowell)
    517 Moody Street, Floor 3
    Lowell, MA 01854-4014
    Tel: 978-452-7523 | Fax: 978-452-4923 |
    Coalition for a Better Acre has has been responsible for the development of 425 residential rental units and sold an additional 50 homes to first-time homebuyers.

  6. Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp
    Showcases apartments at 702 Washington Street Dorchester Ma 02124, 617.825.8888;
    173 Columbia Road, Dorchester MA, 617.287.9580 and 193 Talbot Ave., Dorchester MA 02124, 617.265.3200 on their web site. Manages 40 Fairmont Corridor coop apartments and has a lot on the ball in Dorchester.
  7. Lexington Housing Partnership
    click for the current list of Lexington Affordable Housing Opportunities

  8. Randolph – the Town of Randolph has public housing. There is Elderly Drive built in 1967 with 48 one bedroom units on Mill Street; Sunshine Avenue was built a year later with 64 one bedroom units on Oak Street and there is DeCeIle Drive built in 1975 with 124 one bedroom units offNorth Street where the RHA or Randolph Housing Authority office  – Phone (781) 961-1400,
    Fax (781) 963-0251;  is located.   Checkout
  9. Worcester Common Ground
    5 Piedmont Street Worcester, MA 01610 508-754-0908
    The WCG CDC finances community development. Over 128 affordable units are in its care.
  1. Worcester Community Housing Resources
    contacto con: Olivia Cepeda Office Manager/Finance Assistant (508) 799-0322 ext. 100.  See affordable houses and condos for sale and rentals for income qualified tenants on its web link above site.
  2. Worcester East Side CDC
    310 Highland Street Worcester, MA 016042, 508-799-6942
    See what they have to offer.
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Snow wait Boston

My heart and soul looks forward to summer months and travel. But my body is skeptical. It could get Boston 2015 snow in suburbs unbearably hot this summer in 2015. While the February winter was unusually snowy and hard on the entire region and its structures, I didn’t seem to mind it all that much.  I marveled at the high snow banks and the sheer amount of it.
I will not marvel about hot hot sun heat if the humidity and weather is not comfortable. Well, there’s not much to do about these things but move, travel or bear witness to mother nature. Or, we can adapt!  We must.


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The Artwork of Jacob Lawerence

JACOB LAWERENCE, African American artist
from the YouTube post: “One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North” opens at MoMA on April 3, 2015. The exhibition, which reunites all 60 panels of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series at MoMA for the first time in 20 years, also includes novels, poems, music, and artwork by Lawrence’s contemporaries. The Museum is also commissioning new works from artists, filmmakers, musicians, poets, and writers.


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How start-ups differ from local small businesses.

Do you want to conquer the world with a product or service?
Do you want to supply the best product or service in your home town or local region, instead?

When putting your business together, these questions should be decided early.

Start-ups have “conquer the world” type missions. They must seek international markets for sustainability. Their growth strategy shall be to scale. If your business has been expanding by at least  7% every week adding more users or revenue, then that’s a good sign you can scale the way start-ups must do. If the start-up has 100 trial users already, you should see 7 new ones ( considering those who drop off ) 7 days after you start counting … and on and on.

There are legendary examples of start-ups that went from 900 to 900,000 sign-ups within a year. Such growth is not possible for small business type firms because typically, the market size for a small business category is tiny, compared to the world dominion goal that will need 100s of new employees the start-up can use as it takes off.

Local small businesses do not have conquer the world goals. Instead, local small businesses exist to provide a convenient product or service when there are thousands of other companies doing the same things somewhere else, but not right across the street.

More Differences:

It can cost more money to start a local small business than it does to start  a start-up because of a need for renting physical space (bricks and mortar). A dry cleaners needs a sales counter, an automotive repair company needs service bays, a pizza shop needs space to fire-up an oven.

Most startups open as a web site costing $10 a month. Google started as an Internet based search engine. YouTube and Facebook used Free Open Source software and white box cheap server computers to run prototypes and launch.

There are exceptions that require medical scientific labs or manufacturing spaces, but most startups don’t get into expensive leasehold arrangements until much later in their lifespan.

( c) Stanford University