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Laptops review. The one to get for $549

The Black Friday $549 price didn’t move down that much for certain Toshiba and Hewlett Package Intel I-7 processor driven large notebooks. Both are on sale at  the Microsoft store in Simon Mall and at Microcentre.

At $549 with media card slots you can use for your camera, WIFI and ample storage, these are very good laptop deals. They are better models that what you would get for a $400 unit in an I3 or I5 processor package Best Buy, Dell or Target because power rules and the processor kick of the I7 will be felt.

There are items that can added to the package that will increase cost, such as touch screen and more ram and a better graphics card.

But if you’re not a gamer, buy the bare bones model and save your money., $549 for Intel i-7 Processor power is good.  The Intel I-7 chip is a premium computer engine. It comes in various models each one affect the overall processing speed of a laptop.

The faster I7- processor models found on these portables will drive the price of the machine up over $800 for the hardware. Usually these have 16GB of ram, touch screens, Windows 10,  and a 1TB hard drive. At $549, one either the Toshiba or the HP version had a touch screen but not both.



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Our ticket selling capacity

Brownpaper Tickets was the first effective grass roots business model for an online ticket reseller capable of providing authentic event tickets we’ve come to know. Thanks to BPT, we were able to experience a variety of arts events from Boston to California as media, without having to pay for them. But when the venue wanted donations, we donated. is exploring ways to sell tickets for things no one has thought about before. Our channel will be Boston area brick and mortars so you can get them where you regularly shop.  When we make it work for you and us, then its going to be a good thing.

stay tuned






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Gotta love them Boston tourists


Boston tourists have the look of discovery on their faces. With efficient dispatch, their long-lat advisory  devices are  routinely ignored when something else more interesting  lands on their eyeball.

They hold hands, wear fancy hats and spend generously on souvenirs, attraction tickets and hotels. The Boston Convention and Tourist Bureau has assembled a whole army of enablers to see to it they are cared for. Downtown workers take cues from the languages they speak and the clothes they wear. Golden dark-skinned tourist women stand out from the rest in their tight fitting white pants and presentable sunglasses.

Tourist made the Duck Boat Cartel become super-popular. They’ll l brave the mysterious ingredients in the  food sold by Faneuil Hall merchants and memes.

In the Financial District, the average sized lunch ticket between two business antagonists is $60 a meal and tourist know better – they don’t spend that much per person on lunch in Boston.

I love them tourist!




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H&M, FootLocker and Target stores in Boston know their audience

mfa 60's fashion

You can’t miss seeing person after person leaving the South Shore Shopping Center in Braintree carrying bags away while looking for their parked car or the bus. We are keen observers and we noticed.

We also saw surveyors perched above the ground floor deck looking over the balcony toward’s Nordstrom’s department store as they were observing shoppers walking away from it into the mall and towards them. They had clip boards and were quick to mark it.

When we asked these surveyors what where they doing, they kinda blew us off and didn’t answer the question. So we observed them a bit longer and yes – they were counting people inside the mall who were carrying bags.  They wouldn’t tell us what they were writing on the papers but clearly they didn’t want to miss anyone.  Feeling the urge, we conducted our own independent investigation while just walking around.

It was July 3rd, 2014 – Boston’s first 4th on the third at South Shore Mall. The parking lot was full but not to the density of a Christmas shopping day. Pedestrian traffic was mild. The restaurants inside the mall were practically empty. And buses depositing mall shoppers and browsers were quite full.

That’s where we picked up a trend and this is it.

Nine times out of ten, every time we saw a person with a shopping bag full of stuff they had bought in the Mall that day they had a bag from one of these three stores: Target, Footlocker or H&M. Now most of these shoppers were catching the Quincy Station / Randolph MBTA bus to go home.

They didn’t have lots of bags, maybe three at most, but most were carrying just one. This was different than what shoppers who drove cars or took a taxi were carrying. Those shoppers had three or more bags and usually walked in pairs.

H&M, Footlocker and Target stores in Boston know who their audience is.

– a commentary


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Boston Apartment Rental Markets

It’s June 2014 and rising prices of Boston homes and condos  for sale are keeping a lid on apartment rental cost increases, but this probably won’t last very long. There’s competition too. Buyers are going way over the asking prices for some units and a lot is being sold.

If you are just starting to seek public subsidized housing, you’re going to have to wait up to 2 years after submitting paperwork to find out about your eligibility. Wait listed people are being told they have to wait at least 5 years for openings in public housing  where rents can be from $150 – $500 for decent single and multi-bedroom apartments.’

Boston Public Housing and Boston Affordable or Adjusted Medium Income (AMI) designated housing are two entirely separate types of housing and apartment rental deals. Public Housing aka “the projects” is a different place than mixed-income development projects.n  You get public housing by coming up on the wait list,. You get AMI deals by being the lucky winner among a pool of competitors after getting  your first time home buyer class and other pre-reqs done.

Its about the financing behind them – who owns and who built the buildings and its about your family size and income level.  Its public housing when the city of Brookline, or Boston, or fill in the town blank ….. owns them. They own mixed-income properties too, in fact Brookline is putting up a new 30+ unit building on city-owned land.

AMI deals transact the same type of housing stock as market rate deals. When people make less than the average median income in Boston which is about $78,000, they could obtain purchase and rental discounts on certain designated units by lottery.  CDCs or Community Development Corporations are big players in the mixed-income AMI housing production market and so are private developers.

The cities of Cambridge, Somerville, Quincy, Everett, and Medford are close enough to Boston to be considered “Boston market.” So is Brookline but people, especially college students rarely mention that town. Their preferences are Allston, Brighton, Mission Hill, the Fenway and to a growing extent – the Roxbury side of town.

Families get bigger living space at better prices in parts of Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, East Boston and Hyde Park/ Roslindale.

See a complete list of Rental Buildings offering Discounted Prices to Income Eligible low-income and middle-class renters and home buyers.

Right now, $1,000 to $1,350 per month is the low end rental rate. Newer apartments start at $1,750 per month. Public Housing rental rates get as low as $150 a month and up for some people.

Rental Rooms by the week range from $125 up to $180. You’ll see those prices all over the area: in Waltham, East Boston, Dorchester, and etc.

Roommate offers abound. There are plenty of sublet apartments in the $650 per month range if you don’t mind roommates.

That’s Boston for ya.

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Art fills the spot

will be properly credited

Its good to see you here people.

We’re looking forward to having a conversation with you about our services and the art work images here on

These images are samples of commercial items for sale.

We’re marrying commercial interest with the creative.

This web site is showcasing the work of artists where your eyes may expect to see an advertisment as it may on a different company web site.

Fantastic artwork deserves to be held and loved outside the studio. We’ll put up the pieces. You decide what you like. Its a win-win situation when artists and art lovers unite.

And while that’s going on, we’ll be talking business and tech, offering marketing and advertising services too.

Take great care, we’ll be around!

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Cities near water drive economies all around

Ever wonder how cities like London, Boston, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadephia, Trenton, Norfolk Va and other like them became the economic drivers of their regional economies?

It started this way …

In early America, Puritans from Boston England arrived on North American shores and established a colony which grew into a community, then a city.

On the [] web site they say original settlements grew into cities built as trading centers or as forts to defend strategic locations.

For this reason, most major cities are on rivers or harbors, or at the junction of important overland routes. They have developed strong military forces  which   added to their territory wealth and importance by conquest.

Then settlements often became large and prosperous through commerce.

Some, such as Athens, became centers of culture. Does the United States have a center of culture or is it under the center of culture, aka, the Internet?

A huge city of today is the creation of the Industrial Revolution. Factories need communities and people, transportation lanes, materials and sources of power.

Water makes power. Politics is the control of a limited amount of resources.

Chew on that a bit, there’s more to this story.

Cities near water are economic drivers all around.

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Hard knock life


Entrepreneurs number a tiny group of people who are different than the huge quantity of people going to work everyday in the states.

Despite what you hear about the West Coast Silicon Valley salaries and the impressive roster of people starting new prosperous companies in Boston and New York, most people do not act  to start their own companies!

They prefer a guaranteed paycheck on Friday’s,  not promises. They may want to work for themselves one day, but most do not.

Salute to all entrepreneurs who buck this trend.

It can be a lonely haul.

Its a hard knock life.

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Product Photos Sell


Experts advise marketers to put every effort they can into making a great photograph for an online posting of a product, service or brand because its the photos that people click on and share the most.

A good photograph in many cases is a better engagement tool than wonderful SEO.

Photos numer in the billons on the web so it helps for yours to look great.

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THREADMARK at Ashmont OPENS LOTTERY FOR 35 Affordable Apts

Update: Threadmark Applications were due Feb 15th.

The lottery may be over now.

Applications for the lottery are at the
Threadmark Management Office
Carruth Building, 1916 Dorchester Avenue. Dor.

Affordable apartments are coming online in Studio, one and two bedroom configurations.

The new Threadmark Apartment building is opposite Ashmont Station and Tavolo Restaurant on Dorchester Ave.

Affordable lottery rate rents are:

Studio $515, $1030 and $1056.00 per month depending on your income.

1BR lottery rent rate is $552, $1104 or $1261.00 depending on income.

2BR lottery rent is $662, $1324 and $1,567 depending on income.

* Lottery rent rates only are being shown. No other sizes are listed for lottery.

The building opens June 17, 2017. Thirty-five rent reduced apartments will be offered by lottery.

Household size of 1 person with  income between $20,610 and $41,220 qualify for lottery.

Two person households with conbined Income between $23,550 and $47,100 qualify for lottery.

Three person households with combined income between $26,490 and $52,980 qualify tofor lottery.

The sales sheet offers units to Household (HH) sizes of four  to six persons for  income steps from $29,430 to $68,280 at upper limits  by HH size.

Applications for the lottery are at the Threadmark Management Office (617)-265-5800 located in the Carruth Building, 1916 Dorchester Avenue. Dor.

Application Deadline is February 14th, 2017, 1pm or must be postmarked before.

Informational meetings will be held at All Saints Church at 209 Ashmont Street.