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Cities near water drive economies all around

Ever wonder how cities like London, Boston, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadephia, Trenton, Norfolk Va and other like them became the economic drivers of their regional economies?

It started this way …

In early America, Puritans from Boston England arrived on North American shores and established a colony which grew into a community, then a city.

On the [] web site they say original settlements grew into cities built as trading centers or as forts to defend strategic locations.

For this reason, most major cities are on rivers or harbors, or at the junction of important overland routes. They have developed strong military forces  which   added to their territory wealth and importance by conquest.

Then settlements often became large and prosperous through commerce.

Some, such as Athens, became centers of culture. Does the United States have a center of culture or is it under the center of culture, aka, the Internet?

A huge city of today is the creation of the Industrial Revolution. Factories need communities and people, transportation lanes, materials and sources of power.

Water makes power. Politics is the control of a limited amount of resources.

Chew on that a bit, there’s more to this story.

Cities near water are economic drivers all around.

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Hard knock life


Entrepreneurs number a tiny group of people who are different than the huge quantity of people going to work everyday in the states.

Despite what you hear about the West Coast Silicon Valley salaries and the impressive roster of people starting new prosperous companies in Boston and New York, most people do not act  to start their own companies!

They prefer a guaranteed paycheck on Friday’s,  not promises. They may want to work for themselves one day, but most do not.

Salute to all entrepreneurs who buck this trend.

It can be a lonely haul.

Its a hard knock life.

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Product Photos Sell


Experts advise marketers to put every effort they can into making a great photograph for an online posting of a product, service or brand because its the photos that people click on and share the most.

A good photograph in many cases is a better engagement tool than wonderful SEO.

Photos numer in the billons on the web so it helps for yours to look great.

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THREADMARK at Ashmont OPENS LOTTERY FOR 35 Affordable Apts

Update: Threadmark Applications were due Feb 15th.

The lottery may be over now.

Applications for the lottery are at the
Threadmark Management Office
Carruth Building, 1916 Dorchester Avenue. Dor.

Affordable apartments are coming online in Studio, one and two bedroom configurations.

The new Threadmark Apartment building is opposite Ashmont Station and Tavolo Restaurant on Dorchester Ave.

Affordable lottery rate rents are:

Studio $515, $1030 and $1056.00 per month depending on your income.

1BR lottery rent rate is $552, $1104 or $1261.00 depending on income.

2BR lottery rent is $662, $1324 and $1,567 depending on income.

* Lottery rent rates only are being shown. No other sizes are listed for lottery.

The building opens June 17, 2017. Thirty-five rent reduced apartments will be offered by lottery.

Household size of 1 person with  income between $20,610 and $41,220 qualify for lottery.

Two person households with conbined Income between $23,550 and $47,100 qualify for lottery.

Three person households with combined income between $26,490 and $52,980 qualify tofor lottery.

The sales sheet offers units to Household (HH) sizes of four  to six persons for  income steps from $29,430 to $68,280 at upper limits  by HH size.

Applications for the lottery are at the Threadmark Management Office (617)-265-5800 located in the Carruth Building, 1916 Dorchester Avenue. Dor.

Application Deadline is February 14th, 2017, 1pm or must be postmarked before.

Informational meetings will be held at All Saints Church at 209 Ashmont Street.