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November 2, 2021 – Boston just decided who it wants for Mayor. She is Asian-American and brings a passion to make housing more affordable for Boston residents. This can’t be done without the construction of more units. An effort to contain housing discrimination must be part of the solution. How the administration handles rental regulations, property zoning and use of city and state-owned property for housing are important factors as well!

There will have to be new building owners brought into the mix. Preferably they will be entrepreneurs who can combine what little capital they have, with grants designed to help them procure and maintain an affordable housing complex where the accounting is transparent and tenants are earning a stake of equity.

The math favors a better way of doing things to cover the mortgages. As the subsidized rents from lower income individuals are combined with market rate rents from those who can afford to pay it, a large cash pool gets created that could keep rental cost low by reducing landlord management costs and profit taking.

A list of properties accepting applications until December 2021,

Here are your affordable housing leads updated on Oct 11th, 2021. Click links for the move in applications and paperwork.

$1200 apartments 62+ age

Whittier Flats
affordable 1-4BRs

Seaport – Gables
various size apts,

22 1BR units – priced below market

41 Margin Street apts priced below market

MATTAPAN 40 units
all apt sizes below market rate


More listings are available. Most of these have December filing deadlines.

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