30% AMI housing lottery rent rates are the cheapest but there are more units priced in the 70% and 80% AMI range.

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Apartments renting in the housing lottery marketplace have fixed price rent rates. On the low end, look for the 30% AMI rated units in the apartment building. The amount of rent you pay also depends on how many people you live with you that are earning an income. The maximum rent for a 1BR is $525/mo at 30% ami for one person. The same unit is $1,318/mo at when priced at 70% ami for one person. Your income & household size and the AMI on the unit sets the rent rates. AMI is the area median income of a particular region.

affordable housing income and price limits for (HH) household size

units listed at AMI rates require your income to be in range
annual income plus household size determines qualification

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