More 70% and 80% AMI rent rated apartments are in the monthly lotteries than are 30% AMI cheaper units.

A 30%AMI unit is being listed now. Its the one at SYMPHONY PLAZA
Boston – Back Bay where a 2BR 30% AMI is listed with an agents name and contact info: phone 617-266-9778. You can bet that one won’t last long!

Everybody can’t qualify for a 30% rate because they might make too much money in their household. The chart below shows what the price for rent ranges is for Affordable DESIGNATED in the Boston area. There are a number of different charts and here are two of them. The rate will vary according to the geography you live in in Massachusetts but not by much.

Look the Household size column to get the income limit for the sale or rent price.

units listed at AMI rates require your income to be in range
annual income plus household size determines qualification