Lottery laws bring on more 50- 70% AMI price units.

Watch for the expiration dates. Filing late disqualifies you. The prices for 80% AMI studios apartments and 1 and 2BR units range from $1,359 to $1,158 at 1 Newport Avenue in Quincy.

This lottery ends on April 23rd. Get the papers.

Forrest Hills Clock tower

A Brookline Lottery for low-income elders is running in zip code 02135. Some of the units are equipped for hearing, vision and mobility impairment. One member of the household has to be 62 + years. 70% of the units are set aside for Brookline local preference elders; the other 30% AMI apartments in the building are for anyone. Apartment 80% AMI rentals in Watertown range from $1,240 to $1,650. They are taking applications until March 18, 2020. Get the papers.

Buildings and development complexes have a number of apartments for different price ranges. This has been normal for Commercial rate units where you will see physical differences in the pricing. Affordable designated units in the same building may not rent for the same dollar. It is an AMI assignment. The higher the number the more the rent will be. The intent of AMI price rates is price units within reach of low to middle-income ranges. The units may be exactly the same as the rental cost differs.