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Housing News about Racism in Boston Housing

March 8, 2021 – BOSTON,MA

Racists landlords and participating brokers are not making it any easier for people to find apartments to rent when you use them. But you will go around them when using our Smallwall SMS Service because you get application forms that you process direct with the landlord or building manager.

Boston has a well-known, documented housing discrimination problem and Officials and Managers of the monitoring programs don’t do enough to help you. They don’t enforce nothing! You could be living in a luxury high-rise with a Covid-19 concierge desk person who touches and speaks to everyone entering the building, and when you tell the building management or the Public Safety Office of the City of Boston about this threat that affects your health, they don’t do nothing. They may even tell you there is nothing they can do in that situation.

Landlords and real estate brokers discriminate. Landlords tell brokers who to send them and who to ignore. Brokers get paid only of the appointment you use them for results in a rental – so this is why they discriminate, even if the broker knows it is wrong to do so.

Landlords believe certain people are troublemakers and won’t pay rent. Landlords think people with the Section 8 voucher anre trouble. If you have an African-sounding names, if you are a person of color, if you have a small child, if you are a white person with a Housing Voucher, there is a very very good chance you are going to experience discrimination looking for an apartment to rent.

Private owners who rent to Section 8 holders are just as bad because they do not know the legal rules and they will very often make illegal decisions when talking to you about the unit.

When you apply with Lease forms and Lottery Paperwork to Income-Restricted properties you are more likely to ESCAPE the discrimination because the applications go direct to the property management office. They go from you to them and there is no middleman or middle broker involved who might discriminate.

Housing Lottery requirements are stringent. Always file a COMPLETE APPLICATION. If you don’t have a reference for your last apartment, go to the town hall website, lookup the building owner and put in that company name for references.

Do not leave any form fields blank. Mark them “n/a” for Not Applicable or put a ZEROR if a field requires a number you don’t have.


Dial 617-996-7117, Press 1 and
watch affordable housing applications appear in your smartphone TEXT inbox.

Over 60% of application forms files are rejected due to mistakes the applicant made when filing the firm. Look for Open House dates where some buildings who accept applications will hold information sessions before an application deadline date hits.

You cannot choose the Number of Bedrooms you want because this is determined by the number of people you will have in the household. Do the math. We have pricing charts on this website that show you what you will have to pay for rent. Don’t waste your time applying somewhere that your monthly income will not cover after your voucher, if you have one, kicks in.

Discrimination in Housing works like this in Boston:

  • you won’t get a call back
  • you are not offered more available units
  • the brokers will no show at meetings

CLICK to READ the report on discrimination.

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