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July 4, 2020 – BOSTON,MA

Black renters and homebuyers in Boston have it hard. Landlords and agents assume the worst of some people. They refuse to do business with Black people the way they do business with White people.

It starts with the missing phone calls. Blacks may not get a call back. Blacks are not offered all available units. Black waste time and money looking for real estate. Agents will no show at meetings. Landlords have told agents who they do not want to see. Agents do what the landlords tell them to do.

It is outright discrimination according to a recent research report and it does not matter how much money or how good the Black credit it.

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According to complaints and observations summarized in the research report, parents with young children have also faced these indignities. So have most of the Section 8 voucher holders. Check out the source of the complaint for recommended fixes to the broke Boston apartment rental system.

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