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PRESS RELEASE: The Credit Score Conversation

Enclosed, see a  lottery application to practice with. Helps you determine if you are eligible or not. Not all lotteries are the same but 95% of the criteria is.


Download this sample application from a Jamaica Plain lottery today.

FICO SCORES matter but they are not everything that goes into consideration when applying for income restricted rents. Its a bigger deal when buying a home where a min FICO of 620 is totally expected said a Bank of America manager who just bought an “affordable house” for her family.

Introducing Boston Settlement Solutions

Boston Settlement Solutions is a full service debt settlement organization that offers several programs that can benefit consumers who are struggling with debt or trying to improve their credit.

One option is to enroll in the debt settlement program and eliminate debt by settling each account until the balances are all at zero.

The second option is to enroll in the credit repair program which will assist in removing negative items from your credit report and increasing your credit score over time. In either case, Boston Settlement Solutions will review your credit report for FREE and determine the best course of action based upon the unique circumstances you are facing and help you regain financial independence!

Jason of Boston Settlement Solutions
April 25, 2016

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