For sale by owner for $130,000. An investment in North Carolina.

Affordable Housing Info

Hi, I’ve got a house I want to sell or rehab. Some of you have been dreaming about moving South. This is a house with a porch scenario.

House Info: The house for sale has two large bedrooms, a full kitchen, a large living room, a sitting front porch, 1 bathroom, A washing machine room and a dedicated TV watching room. There’s a driveway for the car.

If you live in Boston, Go South!

Everybody is doing it. You could relocate, work remote or use AirBnB to market your new Southern home as rental and have another steady income stream, wbule you work in Boston.

Investors are buying more houses than anybody in Southern towns. They go after the fixer uppers. In no time at all, the investor is collecting a decent amount of monthly rent, or they take big lumps of cash when they sell the house.

The house for sale here is in a town where the housing stock inventory is low, because people who work in Charlotte, NC are buying them.

You can buy this house for $80,000 as is. Or, you could put a shine on it and it will sell within two months for $159,000. The book value is $163,000.

About the neighborhood.

The footpri t is 1100 sq foot hiuse on a 3600. The unit is walking distance to the downtown area, the high school, an elementary school and the malls. Its in a sports town .

There is no mortgage on the property.

So What’s the Catch?

There is none. I am one of family members who inherited the house. We decided to sell it, because tge truth is, it has a tenanreluctantly, we managed it poorly and have decided to cut our losses.

This month, we ordered a contractor to dig into it and give us a list of things and a budget to fix it.

We paid a house inspector $400 to dig into it and tell me what’s wrong.

We paid $800 to a surveyor of the lot to confirm what we guessed were the true property border lines.

We are paying g a well known neighbor $1,000 in exchange for an easement we need in the driveway side. This benefit goes with anyone we sell the property to.

The house is approximately 1100 square feet. It sits on a 3600 square foot lot. You would appraise it at $160,000 after the $20,000 in rehab work is done. The house next door sold for $160,000. The house across the street rents for $1.200 a month.

People live in town where it is cheaper than living 18 miles away in Charlotte NC. They live here a d work in Charlotte.

Someday, the whole neighborhood will be torn down and replaced with $400,000 homes, because it us close to Charlotte and its international airport.

To show your interests, send an email to or call me at 919-205-8352.

This is a First Come First Served offer


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