Buying the market, letting go of renting.


Buyers searching for a home are in an advantaged position. Online realty databases are easy to reach.You can effectively read about 300 listings from the 10,000+ listing databases, before your eyes wear out. Most homes in these online real estate malls sell for $250,000 – $1M. If you had access to a MLS service, you will find homes selling for less than $100,000.

Renters have used Craig’s list for ages so we won’t link it here. Long term owner-want-to-b s won’t be happy with Craig’s List. You can use Realtor.com and the others.

The alternative are the Housing lotteries in Massachusetts

Check out income limited rental properties.

Waitlist are kept at every kind of property. The building could have the most expensive luxury units or it could have workforce apartments – fact is – everywhere you go there is a Waitlist.

APPLY. Applying to get an affordable apartment or home is s easy. Filing the app is the easy part.

Just Do it.

( START an application )

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