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Urban Edge Jackson Square rental apartment Montebello price list.

Urban Edge held a lottery for a number of two bedroom apartments at the Montebello  development. The 2 bedroom “affordable” rent rate was $1,600 per month.

The market rate for similair new properties is over $2,500.

There were six Montebello units  as of Nov 2016.

Urban Edge   Phone 617-989-1052.

Office:Winn Management /  URBAN EDGE at  1542 Columbus Ave, Roxbury, Ma.

Urban Edge Properties under management. 

Bancroft Apartments, 9 units on Forest Hills Street. Call 617 989-1052.

Dixwell Park Apartments, 15 units between Washington Street and Centre Street. Call 617 989-1052.

Jamaica Plain Apartments, is 50 units on Washington Street, Woodside Avenue and School Street, east of Green Street

9 units on Walk Hill Street near Forest Hills. Call 617 989-1052.

Montebello Apartments is 7 units on Montebello Road, between Washington Street and Walnut Avenue. Call 617 989-1052.

Urban Edgec Limited Apartments is 18 units in two JP locations, near Hyde Square and the Sam Adams Brewery. Call 617 989-1052.

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Boston Minority Business Sales exceeded $500 million among MBEs supplying the state.

Most private companies won’t air their financial laundry in public.
But the Government will and they have.

The diversity supplier marketplace exists for two reasons. 1) government regulations. 2) the marketplace demands diversity.

The Massachusetts state Supplier Diversity Office recorded  $991,590,145 in total Commonwealth spending attributed to its Supplier Diversity Office targeted minority business sector in FY2014 ( certified as MBEs, WBEs and SBPP goods, services and construction.)

Minority MBEs ( minority business enterprises ) sold $247,150,817 to the state. An amount of $574,818,148 was sold by Women Business Enterprise (WBE) to the state.  Another $16,263,222 went to MBE’s in direct construction related contracts from state buyers and $12,411,914 went to WBEs or white women owned companies in direct construction related contracts from state buyers.

See the Annual Report from the source.

Boston Mayor Walsh has hired a Diversity Chief to oversee where his tight $2.2B a year is going.

Firms owned by white women who apply for the state WBE SDO designation are being classified as certified WBE minority enterprises when approved. Other minorities are given MBE or M/WBE status.

The  Massachusetts Gaming Commission licensed vendor designation is a new group classifications for a business because the state has never had licensed casinos before. In the beginning, this new industry segment is pumping a collective $250 million per year into minority-owned firms.

You won’t be able to do much business with a casino in Massachusetts unless you get a license as a vendor from the gaming commissioners.

The Boston MBDA  Minority Business Development Agency has helped position minority companies with large federal source awards.

Early Morning Software has a DBE activity monitoring software product it sells to corporate and government procurement departments. $36 Billion annually is the US market size for diversity spend by these corporations that have to track it.

When the local MBTA agency buys product from a vendor, anything over $25,000 is bidded out but when its less, they choose to buy from vendors in the system. Companies should be certified DBE ( over $1 mil a year in sales ) to get the big bucks from the T.

The KEOLIS transportation company runs locomotives over Massachusetts commuter rail lines. Its Manager of Purchasing and Materials in concert with the KEOLIS  Director of DBE,EEO and Diversity intends to award 17% of its annual direct spend to the best minority DBE,WBE,MBE and SDVOB certified suppliers it can source if the incumbent purchasing managers release their grip on controls they hold close due to the hostile takeover by KEOLIS.

The Diversity SmartTrack online Massachusetts web site tracks 14,000 purchase orders flowing to and from buyers to minority vendors.

The City of Boston’s Economic Chief John Barros is working on splitting up a $1.8 billion capital budget for contract procurement into smaller sizes in the $100K range so that smaller companies have a better chance on winning some awards. The city’s total budget is over $20 billion dollars.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission publicizes these diversity spend numbers:

Penn National Gaming is opening a slots casino  in Massachusetts and MGM is opening a casino in Springfield Massachusetts.  MGM set a goal of  $50 million per year budgeted for minority businesses. Penn will be spending millions on minority businesses too.

WYNN is opening a casino near Boston Massachusetts.  A DBE goal of 15% and up to $120 million per year  has been set by Wynn for doing business with minorities.

The money casinos bring to the table are in addition to the ambitious goals for minority business inclusion regional institutions such as the Boston Red Sox, Harvard University, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Raytheon, Bank of America and others have been working with for quite some time.

The Boston Minority Business Market size is sharply up over years past. It probably has surpassed minority spending levels the Big Dig Tunnel era claimed.

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Roxbury Innovation Center starts teaching the ropes.

When you can get 15 minutes or longer from a  business investor over coffee to talk about your cool business idea its a good thing. Dudley Square Roxbury, Ma has a place for you to meet that investor. Named the Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) located inside the Bruce Bolling Municipal Building where the Boston Public School Department has its headquarters, the RIC is open for business. It seeks to attract residents of Roxbury who have business ideas which if they launch and reach escape velocity, you could be the employer that hires more Roxbury residents, and the mayor’s office really wants you to do that.

Surely you don’t have to be a Roxbury resident to participate there because after all, it was built with public funds, however, if you are a member of the minority community of Roxbury the unit was put there thinking of you. The Seaport has their innovation district, now why not Roxbury, Upram’s Corner and the Fairmont District.  The ultimate goal of the innovation district in Roxbury is to create companies that become big enough to hire neighbors.

But don’t look for investors to come running at you, standing in line and so on. Naw, you gotta earn that kind of reputation, then they will.

The Venture Cafe is the unit at the RIC programming the entrepreneurial stuff.

“We’re looking forward to working with the community to create a space for experimentation and conversation that highlights all of the innovation and entrepreneurship happening locally, and connects to resources that make ideas and businesses grow faster,” said Kevin Wiant, Executive Director of the Venture Café.

Wiant and partner have the 5-year contract to operate the Roxbury Innovation Center in Dudley Square They’ve been around the wheel doing it before.  Near South Station on Boston Harbor he manages the District Hall building which is home and host to a number of innovation networking and workshop events including Boston’s first Quantified Self Summit sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank and others.

So how important is 15 minutes? An appearance on the network show Shark Tank last about that long and winners take away hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Practice that elevator pitch and see what happens when you meet your first investor!

Read more about the Roxbury Innovation Center Here


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How start-ups differ from local small businesses.

Do you want to conquer the world with a product or service?
Do you want to supply the best product or service in your home town or local region, instead?

When putting your business together, these questions should be decided early.

Start-ups have “conquer the world” type missions. They must seek international markets for sustainability. Their growth strategy shall be to scale. If your business has been expanding by at least  7% every week adding more users or revenue, then that’s a good sign you can scale the way start-ups must do. If the start-up has 100 trial users already, you should see 7 new ones ( considering those who drop off ) 7 days after you start counting … and on and on.

There are legendary examples of start-ups that went from 900 to 900,000 sign-ups within a year. Such growth is not possible for small business type firms because typically, the market size for a small business category is tiny, compared to the world dominion goal that will need 100s of new employees the start-up can use as it takes off.

Local small businesses do not have conquer the world goals. Instead, local small businesses exist to provide a convenient product or service when there are thousands of other companies doing the same things somewhere else, but not right across the street.

More Differences:

It can cost more money to start a local small business than it does to start  a start-up because of a need for renting physical space (bricks and mortar). A dry cleaners needs a sales counter, an automotive repair company needs service bays, a pizza shop needs space to fire-up an oven.

Most startups open as a web site costing $10 a month. Google started as an Internet based search engine. YouTube and Facebook used Free Open Source software and white box cheap server computers to run prototypes and launch.

There are exceptions that require medical scientific labs or manufacturing spaces, but most startups don’t get into expensive leasehold arrangements until much later in their lifespan.

( c) Stanford University

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Happy Chinese New Year from

Entrance to Boston Chinatown

Happy New Year!

Chinatown/South End Collaborative launched an effort last year to increase local and minority hiring at new retail stores in the neighborhood. Led by the Chinese Progressive Association, the effort included the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Castle Square Tenants Organization, Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, Massachusetts Worker Education Roundtable and BEST Corp. In total, 108 new hires were made with 64% living in the City of Boston with 19% living in the Chinatown and South End area.  The new hires are also particularly diverse with 75% of them being people of color. Asian Americans are 26% of new hires.

This publisher owned a media marketing company named Big Dug Media Marketing with Xiaoqing Cao. Eventually, bought our web site domain name for a price we couldn’t refuse,  but for three years, we worked on a number of public awareness projects and one of those was related to the development of The Big Dig I-90 and I-93 Depressed Central Artery Tunnel System near Boston Chinatown. Here’s a video story from 2007..
Online Guide to Black Boston Massachusetts ( advertisement )
acts as a resource to Greater Boston Massachusetts and people of color who are American citizens or foreign visitor and are African, Asian, Black, Brazilian, Hispanic, Latino or American Negroes. You have come to the right place for information and community sharing. 面向正在马萨诸塞州波士顿地区具有非洲,亚洲,巴西,南美洲,中美洲,或黑人血统的美国公民及外籍游客提供资源和资讯。欢迎来到您最佳的信息和社区分享平台。

We are connected to established social organizations providing a variety of services to your groups such as career opportunities, apartment rental legal advice and housing leads, arts and entertainment access to free tickets and interesting event, referrals to people in these communities who can make a difference for you such as get you a job, or access to an opportunity you feel locked out of, or financing to buy a home and valuable things like this.


Our web site users are: 54% female, 37% male.


Our web site reader ages are:

14% percent are 18-24

39% percent are 25-34

15% are 45-54 years old

31% are over 54 years old or are younger then 18 years of age.






Services available

Advertising placements on our ethnic media network

  • Corporate communications distribution
  • Concierge guide to tourists and visitors
  • Reviews and editorial
  • Recruiting medical research volunteers
  • Product & service advertising small businesses
  • List of apartment rentals and housing lotteries
  • List of professional and trade skilled minority businesses
  • @blackboston Twitter Channel use


  • 广告(我们拥有多个网上传播媒介,并与其他网络渠道融资)
  • 通讯交流 – 补充其他公关公司的客户群和主要集团公关传媒
  • 服务台 – 为当地居民和游客提供咨询服务
  • 针对不同消费者种族的商业渠道 – 覆盖十七万五千人的一站式打印和电子邮件发送
  • 活动服务 – 促销,编辑,现场声频或视频记录,及社会传媒报道
  • 娱乐和游戏– 帮助放松精神并且锻炼身体
  • 帮助筹款或者招募志愿者
  • 谷歌分析测量计划– 我们从大数据库里为您建立客户图表
  • 为个人、商业、教育者和研究者提供产品和服务的广告
  • 房地产出租广告和推介
  • 赞助商的出席包装
  • 战略运用 @blackboston 推特频道
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We’re promoting public interest and exchange between Boston and Japan.

The Consulate General of Japan in Boston can see every 787 plane bound to Logan airport from Japan from offices at Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor on 600 Atlantic Avenue if the windows are pointing in the right direction.

And probably, they are.

Boston airport managers expect Japanese tourism to double in 2014. Japanese visiting Boston are expected to spend as much as a $200 million while here. And they are looking for things to do and places to go.

The Japan Consulate to Boston office is accepting information about events in the New England area. To send in information on events which promote public interest and exchange between Japan and the US you can email or visit their web site


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Free arts and music event tickets are plentiful for a reason.

Arts Factor Infographic
Arts Factor Infographic

The arts are affordable in Greater Boston, presenting free performances and events that are enjoyed by 7.7 million people annually, with a median cost of paid admission of $16 Arts Factor Report authors wrote.

“Every time music is played, somebody gets paid,” says John Kellog, an expert music business lawyer and Professor at  Berklee College of Music.

I take the two statements above very seriously. On the one hand, I’m a member of ASCAP,  the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers  as a composer, writer and publisher of my own music.

And I distribute free tickets to hundreds who have joined my private e-mailing list on the principal that I will only mail them “the absolute best deals that are too good to be true.”  These are free movie tickets, free theatre tickets and opportunities for being cast on network TV shows  without giving up a cut when I get them from casting directors.

The purpose of this article is to examine the pricing strategy of FREE or FREEMIUM that is being used by Boston arts organizations and musicians around the world.

Plato said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” 

The same thing can be true about the FREEMIUM business model. Without listeners (soul), performing artists have no life (wings)  in their chosen genre. But when listeners who first experience the work for free become engaged with your craft they’ll pay money for the chance to own the experience (music and performance). This is about knowing what your audience wants and giving them exactly what they want.

Boston artists want to provide what you want.  Free tickets are a part of that strategy. Free tickets also provide upsell and cross-sell opportunities. And free tickets leverage audience expansion and the funding apparatus in a positive way.

If free tickets were not a cost efficient customer acquisition and conversion path, you would not have as many free ticket offers to choose from as you have today.



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Our ticket selling capacity

Brownpaper Tickets was the first effective grass roots business model for an online ticket reseller capable of providing authentic event tickets we’ve come to know. Thanks to BPT, we were able to experience a variety of arts events from Boston to California as media, without having to pay for them. But when the venue wanted donations, we donated. is exploring ways to sell tickets for things no one has thought about before. Our channel will be Boston area brick and mortars so you can get them where you regularly shop.  When we make it work for you and us, then its going to be a good thing.

stay tuned






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Gotta love them Boston tourists


Boston tourists have the look of discovery on their faces. With efficient dispatch, their long-lat advisory  devices are  routinely ignored when something else more interesting  lands on their eyeball.

They hold hands, wear fancy hats and spend generously on souvenirs, attraction tickets and hotels. The Boston Convention and Tourist Bureau has assembled a whole army of enablers to see to it they are cared for. Downtown workers take cues from the languages they speak and the clothes they wear. Golden dark-skinned tourist women stand out from the rest in their tight fitting white pants and presentable sunglasses.

Tourist made the Duck Boat Cartel become super-popular. They’ll l brave the mysterious ingredients in the  food sold by Faneuil Hall merchants and memes.

In the Financial District, the average sized lunch ticket between two business antagonists is $60 a meal and tourist know better – they don’t spend that much per person on lunch in Boston.

I love them tourist!