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Cigarette smokers want pot smoking banned in apartments and condos.

Even a licensed medical marijuana patient won’t get a break when apartment management and condo associations implement new rules against cannabis users.

The smell of pot smoke swirling around the building has pissed people off who don’t like it.

While most new luxury apartments ban all smokers, cigarette users have had freedom to smoke.

Now, condo associations are asking them to join a policy that allows tobacco and bans pot smoking from the premises.

Watch the sales of pot sniffing dog services, electronic smoke detectors installations and other evidence gathering techniques increase in volume as Massachusetts moves closer and closer to allowing retail stores to flourish.

While more than half of the 351 Massachusetts cities and town councils have voted to limit legalized cannabis retail shops from opening, City of Boston voted 8-1 in favor of legal retail street sales.

On the one hand, people want to be comfortable in their own home and smokers can make people uncomfortable. On the other hand people believe it is a violation of their constitutional rights to ban smoking of one kind while allowing another kind.

Growing marijuana plants at home are also a bone of contention at some residences.

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Section 8 and affordable apts offer list with phones.

Using search criteria  “Section 8 or no Sec 8, Wait List, 1BR, Zip Codes within 30 miles of the South End, Voucher discount housing and other Affordable Housing status categories,” a report showing  687 property management contacts as of April 10, 2018 can be viewed here on sourced from the Boston based HousingWorks database online.


The report is a search helper. It is NOT the solution to everyone’s quest for affordable housing.

A theory we have is that equal amounts of affordable rentals stock exists in unknowable  places— unknowable to the internet and government data sources, unknowable to housing advocates  and Craigslist. Time will tell if we are right.


Here’s what happened when I called the first four on the list.

1st on the list — RTH shows  Waitlist is open. An answering service takes a message. ( update) They reliably us called back today. Found out they hold properties for rent based incomes in the Fenway, Huntington  Ave and Brigham Circle area.  No vacancy today, WaitList is encouraged.

2nd— The One Greenway listed office answered and directed  me to a web site where an affordable apartment lottery  is going to happen soon at 450 Cambridge  Street. The call was worth it,

3rd on the list — Kendall Company answered, said a vacancy is immediately avail. Said appointments  are being taken now for a  2 BR for $3,400 rent.  When  I asked about Affordable they said “absolutely have this—go to the Cambridge Housing Authority and apply to waitlist.” So this is a Mahoney Properties operation who are major processors of income restricted and market rate units. So that’s why their waitlist go to the HAs. They are contracted by Housing Authorities to hold sales and lotteries.

If a waitlist is held by a private owner, not the HA, your wait will likely be shorter.

Tip: Depending on your situation, it could take from 1 month to 5 years to get an offer by waitlist.

Learn if you qualify to apply as a person with Special Needs Categories such as: Veterans, Seniors, homeless, battered women, disabled/handicapped or other. There are over 25 classifications of applicant categories.

The 4th listed  contact number was disconnected.


more later ….,.,

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Large apartment for rent by private owner near Dudley Square

Huge apartment for rent, 3 Bedrooms on the 2nd Floor of a 2 Family House. (Contact info corrected and verified.)

Click to view photos.

11-13 Wakullah St
Roxbury, MA 02119
Dudley Square

email: /owner

Call 24 hrs advance for appointment to view walkthrough on Saturday at 1PM. 617-828-9034 (cell)

Prefer TEXT Message

Requires Deposit by April 15th

Move in May 15th

Rent $1,900 first & Last month Rent.

Off Street parking, Gas Heat, “NO UTILITIES” Included. No Pets, No Smoking,

Elderly Tenants on 1st Floor.

Click to view photos.

Call Smallwall if you have trouble seeing photos of the unit from our Dropbox 617-942-1301

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How to file online for subsidized housing in Massachusetts. Did you know?

How to File Online for Subsidized Housing in Massachusetts.

Subsidized housing properties are  where you pay 30% of your income to tent that unit.  Housing authorities own the buildings. But private developers own buildings where some are offered by Lottery. Housing Authorities or ( HA ) use the Wait List system. There are benefits to go digital and saving time plus having a digital bot walk the streets looking for vacancies for you.


Step Two: Give it to your housing advocate working your case. Ask them to file it with Housing Works.  If you don’t have an advocate hold it. Tell us you want to file it electronically and we will work with you on that.

New Open Waitlists ( subsidized 30% income type) have opened in the towns of Lynn, Lunenberg, Stoughton, and Boston.

Depending on the Authority or Property, these lists are open to:

Persons of any age with various disabilities

Online filing will:

– Automate most of the filing process.

You start with a paper form.

– the filing generates pre-filled applications to all subsidized/affordable housing;

– the system will show a list of other advocates working with the same clients;

– the system prints instant charts of all the places a client has applied;

– the system creates pre-addressed letters to mail out to every place a client has applied.

Or you can do it manually – by calling each public housing about the openings.
click for a list of authorities

When you want to file digital, you start by returning a paper application.

This is the paper application —  View the Application form here.

You return it to people who are authorized to enter it into the digital system.

People who do this may work with agencies and its their job – if you have a case with them.

If you don’t have an open case request filing help.



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New list of over 15 affordable rentals posted. Click the Rental Info links for applications and rental managers.

housing clip art


Paddock Estates, 1 Paddock Lane, Boxborough, MA 01719
1 Bedroom – $1,363
2 Bedroom – $1,631
Income Requirements Apply – Min Income for 1 BR: $40,890 and for 2 BR: $48,290;
Max Income at 80% CDBG AMI 
First Come, First Served; Boxborough Rental Info


Flats at 22, 22 Gerrish Avenue #202, Chelsea, MA 02150
2 Bedroom – $1,236
First Come, First Served; Available 4/1/18; Chelsea Rental Info


Bethany Apartments, 369 Washington St, Hanover, MA 02339
Income Restricted – 50%, 60%, and 100% AMI
(3) 1 Bedroom – $1,364
(1) 1 Bedroom – $970
(6) 2 Bedroom – $1,580
(3) 2 Bedroom – $1,396
(16) 2 Bedroom – $1,163
(1) 3 Bedroom – $1,872
(1) 3 Bedroom – $1,613
(2) 3 Bedroom – $1,344
First Come, First Served; Hanover Rental Info


321 Washington Street, Westwood, MA 02090
Income Restricted – 80% AMI
(2) 1 Bedroom – $1,427
First Come, First Served; Westwood Rental Info


Peninsula Apartments, 401 Mount Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA 02125
BPDA Income Restricted – 75% AMI
(3) 1 Bedroom – $1,357
(1) 2 Bedroom – $1,551
First Come, First Served; Available March or April 2018;
Dorchester Rental Info


The Viridian, 1282 Boylston Street, Fenway, MA 02215
BPDA Income Restricted – 80% AMI
1 Bedroom – $1,448
First Come, First Served; Available March or April 2018; Fenway Rental Preliminary Application


Fenway Triangle Apartments, 180 Brookline Avenue, Fenway, MA 02115
BPDA Income Restricted – 120% AMI
1 Bedroom – $2,172/month
2 Bedroom – $2,482/month
First Come, First Served; Fenway Rental Info


Peninsula Apartments, 401 Mount Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA 02125
Studio – $2,052 – $2,202/month
1 Bedroom – $2,170 – $2,695/month
2 Bedroom – $3,017 – $3,605/month
Dorchester Rental Info

American Legion Highway, 881 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale, MA 02131
4 Bedroom – $2,350/month
First Come, First Served; Roslindale Rental Info


Ashland Woods, 227 West Union Street Ashland, MA 01721
2 Bedroom – $1,437/month
First Come, First Served; Ashland Rental Info


Franklin Commons, 8 Gatehouse Lane, Franklin, MA 02038

2 Bedroom – $1,725/month
3 Bedroom – $2,125/month
Franklin Rental Info

Union Pond Apartments, One Gatehouse Drive, Wareham, MA 02538
2 Bedroom – $1,245/month
3 Bedroom – $1,414/month
Wareham Rental Info


Quail Run Apartments, 12 Buckey Roads, Stoughton, MA 02072
2 Bedroom – $1,895/month
3 Bedroom – $2,295/month
Stoughton Rental Info


Kent Street Apartments, 32 Kent Street, Somerville, MA 02143
Studio – $871 – $1,042
1 Bedroom – $1,034 – $1,221
2 Bedroom – $1,190 – $1,548
3 Bedroom – $1,547 – $1,558
Rental Waitlist – Open; Somerville Rental Info


Constitution Co-op, 42 Park Street, Charlestown, MA 02129
Studio and 1 Bedroom – Rent is 30% of monthly income
Rental Waitlist – Open; Charlestown Rental Info


MarketStreet Apartments, 150 King Rail Drive, Lynnfield, MA 01940
1 Bedroom – $1,365/month
2 Bedroom – $1,520/month
Rental Waitlist – Open; Lynnfield Rental Info and Application


Commonwealth Residences, 373 Commonwealth Road, Wayland, MA 01778
Rental Waitlist – Open; Wayland Rental Info


MetroMark Apartments, 3593-3615 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
1 Bedroom – $1,680/month
2 Bedroom – $1,827/month
Rental Waitlist – Open; Jamaica Plain Rental Info


Atlas Lofts, 88 Gerrish Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150
1 Bedroom – $1,232/month
Rental Waitlist – Open; Chelsea Rental Info


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2BR apartment with 940 sq feet for $950/mo Lowell, Ma.

This apartment vacancy was posted March 4, 2018 by a landlord.  More are available where this one came from. encourages you to use the web site, a non-profit source covering the NORTH SHORE and Merrimack Valley towns of Andover, Beverly, Gloucester, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Manchester and Salem.

Here’s a message from the web site.

Welcome to Northeast Affordable Rental Listings   Use this free database to find affordable rental homes in the North Shore and Merrimack Valley. This website was developed by Community Teamwork Inc. (CTI) as a free service for landlords and tenants. CTI is a nonprofit agency in Lowell, Massachusetts. We believe that housing security is a crucial step in the war against poverty, and a cornerstone in reaching the goal of self sufficiency.

Best wishes!

@movef concierge writer



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Virdian luxury apartment building in Fenway advertises 488 sq foot apartment for $1,448 rent per month.

There is only one apartment at this rate. First Come, First Serve
at The Virdian, 1282 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 

This is not a Lottery.

# Apartments: 1
# Beds: Metro 1-Bedroom* See square footage
Square Footage: 488 SF AMI %: 80%
Rent: $1,448
Available: March or April 2018 (contingent on BPDA approval)



80% AMI Income and Asset Limits:

Household size and income restrictions

If 1 person, you should have no more than $57,900 income
If 2 persons, you should have no more than $66,200 income
If 3 persons, you should have no more than $74,450 income/yr

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February – March 2018 APARTMENT LOTTERY LEADS INFO and Section 8 Waitlists.

Apartment lottery rental applications and affordable home leads.  For Boston and Massachusetts towns where applications are available to file today or where you can get on WaitList.   Openings are in Boston, Needham, Hyde Park, Wakefield, Plainville and many others places.  You can file Feb 2018. Some deadlines will close in March 2018.    The package also contains  a Section 8 waitlist report, a directory of mixed-income developments, options for seniors and the physically handicapped.

Click for the package.

You can download apartment lottery applications

Click for the package.

These properties can only be rented or purchased by people who are income qualified. MOST PEOPLE WILL QUALIFY after reviewing the applications.  FORMAT:  PDF.


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New Allston apartment is renting for $1,086 mo, 1st come 1st served.

The rental deal is at Trac 75, a 4 star apartment community at 75 Braintree Street, Allston

Offerer: Boston Planning & Development Agency BPDA) 

To: individuals with annual incomes no greater than about $50-58k.


To receive an application to apply, you’ll have to email two recent paycheck stubs to property management. Restricted Rental Opportunity

To get the papers visit the website

Click to get application instructions.