Apartment and Affordable Housing Lottery Updates by Email is our service that pushes lottery dates to you as they  roll in.
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Affordable housing by Lottery  is rolling out across Massachusetts and Boston. Wherever there is new development a percentage of the units are offered in a lottery. You qualify for lottery pricing when your income falls below Area Median Income levels.   There are lotteries for rentals.

As a service, we offer a one-stop source for lottery listings.  When you visit real estate brokers, most will not show you the affordable housing units.  Some actually specialize in the income restricted inventory but most realty professionals stick to the high priced stuff.

Lottery preferences help first time home-buyers, income restricted workers, Section 8 holders, special needs, elderly, vets, handicapped persons and others.  There are a multitude of low rent and reduced price rental options by lottery.

Practice makes perfect - be sure you qualify for the lotteries.

Practice by DOWNLOADING  a Jamaica Plain Lottery Package (free).
Learn now, fail fast and you'll get better at it. Practice makes perfect.

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Showing all 4 results