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August 10, 2021

EVICTIONS: Hey Boston, City Councillor Lydia Edwards says only a judge can evict you. If you need help call @BostonLegalAid at 617-603-1807 and the city’s Office of Housing Stability at 617-635-4200. But what if you don’t live in Boston? Check with your City Hall. Each town has a department that handles this.

We recommend going to the highest level which is the State and follow their advice if you are behind in your RENT PAYMENTS and EVICTIONS. There is still plenty of money available for Tenant and Landlord renter’s relief. Unfortunately the distribution of the funds has not gone as fast as one would like.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts contact info is :

Affordable Apartments for Rent, Condos and Homes on Sale

The Smallwall.net SMALLWALL SMS server will send you the mandatory and required applications, pre-lease forms and paperwork, and prices for rents and sales of affordable housing and income restricted units available.

To get this data:

use your Cell Phone (only)
dial (617) 997-7117, then press 1 when it answers
you may have to try it twice
Go to your Text Message INBOX to use the data

for problems accessing the service, write to smallwall55

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