About Us

About us

You have come to the right place for studio apartment leads, 1-4 bedroom apartment vacancies and lottery application forms for housing lotteries in Greater Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

About a year ago we attended a meeting at the Central Library Copley Square about Boston’s housing shortage.  A presentation by the Roosevelt Group and the Metro Boston Planning Council convinced us to do something.

We focused on reduced price housing offers and launched The Smallwall.net Download Shelf on this site to provide affordable housing opportunities and save you time and effort locating deals. 

It’s an evolving solution.

This  platform has a history in Boston. In 2008, the Smallwall.net server was a YouTube style site used to publicize Video PSAs about local non-profit and arts orgs. We handed off video playback to the Roxbury.TV web site.

Smallwall.net is also hosting hundreds of searchable, local Minority Business Enterprise Profiles of contractors and service providers.

Thanks for visiting and we hope this site has been useful.
William Murrell,MurrelliMedia, 867 Boylston St, 5th Floor,c/o Idea Space, Boston MA 02116

email: contact@blackboston.com


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