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About us

You have come to the right place for affordable  apartment leads when shopping for studio apartments, 1-4 bedroom apartments, income restricted lottery offers and lottery pre-sales of condo and homes in  Greater Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

We focus on housing for low to modederate income individuals with annual incomes less than $65,000 a year.  We tell you who has the units. You apply direct to that landlord. Fulfill all requirements property managers are asking you for and hope for the best. Affordable housing wins are competitive. Practice as much as you want with our sample applications before trying a real one.

Hundreds of applications are returned to applicants by management offices because of erroneous or incomplete information on them filed by applicants.

We do not rent units to tenants. We refer tenants to people and companies who rent and sell housing.

We can help you with Credit.  Our partner, Boston Debt Settlement Solutions has assisted many referred clients.  GO to The Credit Page  for more info. I don’t want to hype the credit thing too much but you should know that the leading credit bureaus announced changes recently  in how FICO scores will be calculated.  You may have seen an automatic bump up. There can be edits to make on your  report to bump  up the score.

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Information changes constantly and deadline for lottery applications and go each week.

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