A 548 FICO score is approved by the NYMT reit

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Mortage Real Estate Investment Trust (nyse: nymt) is an exchange-traded security that trades like a stock and invests directly in both commercial and residential real estate as well as mortgages. Disclosure. We bought four shares at $6.11 ea on a tip as the market was crashing this week. It is a stock that rarely moves up, rather it pays a hefty annual 13% yield. The stock’s profile notes offer a behind the scenes view of what’s going on in the mortgage markets.

The firm backs mortgage on single-family and multi-family houses that are purchased by people with an average FICO score of 548 according to the stock profile executive summary. We think companies like this are helping the affordable housing consumer when they utilize the programs offered by the state to First-time home buyers. Some benefits of these programs are:

Buying the first time

The My Mass Mortgage website is a place to find out about the benefits offered to first-time homebuyers. For a list of affordable houses for sale, be they condos, multifamily or single-family homes and apartments, you can search for what’s available here.

Programs and courses offer mortgage rate reductions and other perks. For some listings, you have to be a first-time home buyer to receive the best prices.

check these programs and resources out

Hot tip on 1st come 1st served rental apartments in Dorchester. thirty-five units offered

Property Name: Upper Washington Apartments
Lottery Application papers
Description: (35) Income Restricted Units

Rents range from $1,111 to $1,682 for 1-3BRs.
Property Street Address: 330-335 Washington Street
Neighborhood/Town: Dorchester /
Building Type: 21 or More
Household Income Limits (AMI%): 30% AMI;50% AMI;60% AMI
First Come, First Served – Open Waitlist

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