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Subsidized restricted income rental housing you won’t find anywhere else

Rural America

re: 51 Subsidized Properties and APPLICATIONS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

We’ve heard that agencies serving rural parts of the state have  great affordable housing opportunities, now here is proof. This info comes to us from a database source that has the applications you can file.

This December 12 2017 report 
shows listings for subsidized housing where you pay 30% income for rent anywhere within 100 miles of Brookline, MA.  The status of the addresses are listed, however you’ll have to contact the individual locations for the latest status.

Housingworks  says you WON’T FIND certain subsidized buildings or applications if you look in the MassHousing ‘White Book’, apply to a Housing Authority, or use MassAccess.

(They are financed by the US Dept. of Agriculture (!) and are situated in smaller towns rather than big cities. The wait for some of these is shorter than the wait for properties in big cities.)

These properties are about 60%  for elders and persons with disability of any age, and 40% properties for families. Some have a priority for Veterans, but most are just first come first serve.