25 Dorchester 1BR apartments 50% AMI in Dorchester at $803

Each person received a number when their sealed apartment lottery application arrived.  One thousand showed up. Twenty-five will be selected. The rent is $803/mo for a 1BR new-build. 

Real estate brokers won’t touch this. They are not needed in the Massachusetts rental lottery. Used 1-BR apartments are going for more than $1,499 in the city.

This one is brand-new.  
You can’t smoke in this building.

If two or more will live in the apt,  the household income is restricted to $49,680. FICO and credit reports will be checked. 

The housing lottery Opening Date has arrived, in this real-world scenario.

Curtain call comes. 

Lights! Camera! Action!

Bean counters randomly cycle numbers that were assigned to applications. 
A person twirling a barrel or a machine and a software program picks the numbers. Its like lucky guessing. There could artificial intelligence driving the decision making. And if it is, the AI may be biased!

The air is tense. Sometimes the lottery manager will provide space for a crowd to gather and watch as the number picking process unfolds. The application forms may be stacked up there, or they have been filed and substituted with a computer-printed number.

Hopeful tenants filed them on time!  The Internet and the U.S. Post Office delivered them.  Some were hand-delivered before the deadline arrived.

And the winners are Twenty-five tenants!

The office starts its due diligence process on them. The household income fit is checked, among other things like Preferences, homeless status. The verification process takes a while. 

Then it happens.  

Eight hopeful applicant applicants are disqualified because they filed a non-compliant application in the lottery.

The lottery mechanism picks the next eight from the ranked list. 

 Months later, the building begins to fill.

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