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23 new South Boston apartments available by lottery to low income, deadline Sept 2016.

click here for additional apartment rental leads, and affordable home and condos for sale.


  1. South Boston Affordable Rentals for Very Low Income — Patriot Homes, 273 “D” Street, South Boston 02127. 23 apartment units are studios, one and two bedrooms, income limits apply, incomes of $20,650 up to $29,450 qualify. Get applications from or call (617) 484-2483 – go get them at South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, 365 West Broadway in South Boston.

  2.  Rent Avalon ANDOVER – $1,077 1 BR, $1,278 2BR (978)-851-7120,pickup applications at Avalon Andover, 460 River Road, Andover MA 01810, Return apps by September 20, 2016.
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Bank Black movement injects cash into affordable home construction.

Black banks invest in housing

Link to the latest  apartment rental leads | Lotteries | affordable condo and home sales

The nation’s black-owned banks have billions of dollars in deposits collectively but its not their money. Its yours put there directly by you or  deposited by non-profits, for-profits and government agencies who have to use a bank to write and clear checks.  Your landlords may already be making monthly mortgage payments to a  black bank because many are apt to buy mortgages from primary lenders.

The OneUnited banks Massachusetts based CEO Terri Williams Cohee told a writer for NEXT CITY a majority of their  lending is multi-family housing property in low- to moderate-income communities that offer affordable rents. ]

We’ve inserted a chart below of all the black banks in the country.

Bank InformationAccount TypeInt. Rate (APY)Min DepositHow to avoid fees/otherFeesATMsService/OnlineMobileCostMobile Dep.DLI*DDI*CRA**Health***Notes
ONE UNITED | oneunited.com25K NAT.AAC $1.5K/day 85%67%SC+#BankBlackChallenge
Established 1982E-style savings0.20% $ 100.00 $100 bal. or direct deposit $5/mo $10M #BB deposits reported
6 branches - Boston / LA / MiamiE-gold savings0.40% $ 1,000.00 $2,500 bal. or dir. dep. $3/mo
98 EmployeesU2 E-checking (2nd chance)n/a $ 50.00 n/a $12/mo
$632M Assests E-style checkingn/a $ 100.00 $500 bal. or dir. dep. $8/mo
E-gold checking0.40% $ 500.00 $5,000 bal or dir. dep. $20/mo
BEST FOR ONLINE/MOBILE BANKINGUnity Choice Business Savings? $ 1,000.00 $1,000 combined balances $10/mo
Can open accounts onlineUnity Choice Business Checkingn/a $ 100.00 $1,000 combined balances $20/mo
Unity Small Business Checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a n/a
Visa credit cardvaries secured card only
LIBERTY | libertybank.netLIMITEDBBTBC ? 56%94%OB+Detroit Revitalization Loans
Established 1972Personal savings0.65% $ 50.00 $200 bal. $4/mo New Orleans after Katrina
19 branches - New Orelans / Detroit / etc.Capital asset fund0.15% $ 2,500.00 $2,500 bal. $12/mo
178 EmployeesPersonal checkingn/a $ 50.00 $500 bal. $10/mo
$618M Assests Premium checking0.15% $ 50.00 $1,500 bal. $10/mo
Corporate Savingsn/a$50 $200 bal., incl. 2 draw/mo $4/mo
BEST SAVINGS ACCOUNT RATEEnterprise checking? $ 50.00 $1,000 bal. $12/mo
Can open accounts onlineCorporate checkingn/a $ 50.00 n/a $12/mo
Visa credit card~10-18% $30/yr
CITIZENS TRUST | ctbconnect.comLIMITEDBBTBC varies 58%100%OA#BankBlack leader w/ Killer Mike
Established 1921Personal savings0.05% $ 100.00 $200 bal. $4/mo $0.8M #BB deposits reported
10 branches - Atlanta / GA / ALMoney market0.15% $ 1,000.00 $2,500 bal. $10/mo
92 EmployeesDirect checkingn/a $ 50.00 dir. dep. required n/a
$413M Assests Flat fee checkingn/a $ 50.00 n/a $10/mo
Regular checkingn/a $ 50.00 $1,000 bal. $0.30/trans.
BEST CREDIT CARD RATESPersonal interest checking0.03% $ 1,000.00 $2,000 bal. $10/mo
Must open accounts at a branchCommercial savings0.05% $ 1,000.00 $100 bal. $8/mo
Business free checking (sole prop.)n/a $ 100.00 max $5,000 cash tr./mo n/a
Small business checkingn/a $ 100.00 $2,500 bal. $12/mo
Publicly Traded Stock: CZBSVisa credit card~7.5-9.5% n/a
INDUSTRIAL BANK | industrial-bank.com55K NAT.ABC ? 69%100%OBYour next big moment
Established 1934Statement savings? $ 100.00 $200 bal. $3/mo $6M #BB deposits reported
8 branches - Washington DC / MDElite savings? $ 50.00 $1,500 bal. $10/mo
114 EmployeesPersonal checkingn/a $ 25.00 $500 bal. $8/mo
$401M Assests Go green checkingn/a $ 25.00 dir. dep. $5/mo
Kasasa checking0.01%-2.5% $ 25.00 12 debit tr. to get 2.5% interest n/a
BEST KASASA/NOW CHECKING RATESInterest checking 0.05% $ 25.00 $2,000 bal. $10/mo
Can open accounts onlineBusiness savings? $ 100.00 $500 bal. $5/mo
Enterprise checkingn/a $ 25.00 $2,000 bal. $12/mo
Business interest checkingn/a $ 25.00 $2,500 bal. $15/mo
Credit cardsvaries
SEAWAY | seawaybank.us55K NAT.BN/ATBC avail. fall 2016 52%82%SDChicago Tribune story on Bank Black
Established 1965Regular savings0.07% $ 100.00 n/a $5/mo $8M #BB deposits reported
10 branches - Chicago / ILElectronic transfer savings0.07% $ 10.00 n/a n/a
225 EmployeesFree direct checkingn/a $ 25.00 dir. dep. n/a
$379M Assests Regular checkingn/a $ 25.00 n/a $15/mo
Personal money market0.07% $ 1,000.00 $1,000 bal. $15/mo
Must open accounts at a branchBusiness savings? $ 300.00 $300 bal. $5/mo
Small business checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $15/mo
Visa credit card? ?
M&F Bank | mfbonline.comLIMITEDCBTBC ? 94%88%OB+#BankBlackCharlotte
Established 1908Regular savings0.02% $ 100.00 $200 bal. $6/mo
7 branches - Durham / NCMoney market account0.04 $ 2,500.00 $5,000 bal. $25/mo
60 EmployeesGratis checkingn/a $ 25.00 n/a n/a
$296M Assests Everyday checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $10/mo
Interest checking0.05% $ 100.00 $2,000 bal. $12/mo
NC residents can open accounts onlinePrestige checking0.05% $ 100.00 $2,500 bal. $15/mo
Statement savings? ? ? ?
Commercial checkingn/a $ 500.00 n/a $14/mo
Economy commercial checkingn/a $ 250.00 $2,500 bal. $12/mo
Credit cards~10-15% varies
CITY NATIONAL | citynatbank.com55K NAT.BAC $1K/ck, $1.5K/day 38%71%SDOffers social CD & urban fund
Established 1973Personal statement savings0.10% $ 25.00 $250 bal. $3/mo
4 branches - Newark / NJ / NYCRewards savings (link w/ checking)0.40% $ 50.00 12 debit tr. or dir. dep. n/a
88 EmployeesRewards checkingn/a $ 50.00 12 debit tr., dir. dep. $9/mo
$251M Assests Consumer checkingn/a $ 25.00 n/a $3/mo
Super NOW checking0.05% $ 50.00 $1,500 bal. $10/mo
Can open accounts onlineBusiness savings0.10% $ 500.00 $500 bal. $3/mo
Small business checkingn/a $ 50.00 $500 bal. $25/mo
Credit cards~10-15% $25/yr
HARBOR | theharborbank.com55K NAT.BCTBC n/a 52%86%SB+Community development in East Baltimore
Established 1982Statement savings0.15% $ 100.00 $100 bal. $3/mo
7 branches - Baltimore / MDMoney market account? $ 2,500.00 $2,500 bal. $25/mo
67 EmployeesNo hassle checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $1/mo
$251M Assests NOW checking0.05% $ 1,000.00 $1,000 bal. $15/mo
Business statement savings0.15% $ 100.00 $100 bal. $3/mo
DMV area residents can open accounts onlineChoice checkingn/a $ 100.00 $3,000 bal. $0.3/trans.
Commercial checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $10/mo
TRI-STATE BANK | ? 100%67%SC+MLK mentioned TSB in his last speech
Established 1946Regular savings0.15% $ 100.00 $250 bal., interest for >$600 $4/mo
3 branches - Memphis / TNSpecial savings0.15%-0.20% $ 500.00 $1,000 bal. $7/mo
45 EmployeesRegular checkingn/a ? ? ?
$111M Assests Check earning NOW0.01% ? ? ?
Econo checkingn/a ? ? ?
Can open accounts online / by mailMoney market0.15% $ 2,500.00 $2,500 bal. $15/mo
ISF BANK |$4M #BB deposits reportedChicago / IL - 2 br1934 $109M Assets / 34 empl. CTBC ? 100%50%SDAfrican investment partners
Statement savings0.15%-0.20%
Free checking
Retail checking
Renaissance checking
UNITY NATIONAL | unitybanktexas.comLIMITEDCBTBC ? 53%50%SBMentor at-risk youth, affordable housing
Established 1985Savings? $ 100.00 $100 bal., incl. 1 draw/mo $5/mo
2 branches - Houston / TXMoney market? $ 1,000.00 $2,500 bal., incl. 3 draw/mo $15/mo
31 EmployeesUnity advantage checkingn/a $ 100.00 $1,500 bal. or dir. dep. $7.50/mo
$78M Assests Golden unity checking (age 55+)n/a $ 100.00 $1,000 bal. $7/mo
Interest checking? $ 100.00 $1,500 bal. $12/mo
Must open accounts at a branch / by mailBusiness savings? $ 100.00 $100 bal., incl. 1 draw/mo $5/mo
Business money market? $ 1,000.00 $2,500 bal., incl. 3 draw/mo $15/mo
Opportunity checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $10/mo
Small business checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a $15/mo
Nonprofit/Sole prop. sm. bus. checking? $ 100.00 $2,500 bal. $15/mo
Credit cards~10.24-15.24%
CARVER FEDERAL | carverbank.com55K NAT.ABTBC varies 48%89%OB80% invested in minority communities
Established 1948Savings0.25% $ 50.00 $300 bal., $100 bal & dir. dep. $5/mo
9 branches - New York / NYRelationship savings0.25%-0.50% $ 250.00 $2,000 bal., linked to checking $10/mo
131 EmployeesYouth savings0.15% $ 10.00 n/a n/a
$699M Assests Cash access checkingn/a $ 25.00 $500 bal. or dir. dep. $10/mo
Smart checkingn/a $ 100.00 $750 bal. or dir. dep., 10 tr./mo. $15/mo
NY/NJ residents can open accounts onlineGrowth checking0.15% $ 250.00 $1,500 bal. $25/mo
Money market0.15%-0.50% $ 250.00 $2,500 bal. $9/mo
Business cash access checkingn/a $ 100.00 n/a, incl. 250 tr./mo. $10/mo
Business smart checkingn/s $ 100.00 $1,500 bal., incl. 500 tr./mo. $25/mo
Publicly Traded Stock: CARVBusiness money market0.30%-0.50% ? $2,500 bal. $9/mo
BROADWAY | broadwayfederalbank.com25K NAT.CCTBC ? 87%67%OA+Part Asian-owned, publicly traded
Established 1947Statement savings0.25% $ 50.00 $200 bal. $3/mo
3 branches - Los Angeles / CASavings plus0.40% $ 5,000.00 $5,000 bal. n/a
67 EmployeesVIP money market0.75% $ 5,000.00 $5,000 bal. $12/mo
$408M Assests Free checkingn/a $ 50.00 n/a n/a
Interest checking0.15% $ 2,500.00 $2,500 bal. $12/mo
Must open accounts at a branchBusiness savings0.15% $ 100.00 $5,000 bal. $10/mo
Business money market0.15% $ 100.00 $5,000 bal. $15/mo
Small business checkingn/a $ 100.00 $1,000 bal. $12/mo
Publicly Traded Stock: BYFCCredit cards~10-24%
SL Community CU | stlouiscommunity.com30K NAT.BCTBC n/a AIncorporated old Gateway Bank
Established 1942Regular savings0.15%-0.3% $ 1.00 n/a n/a
11 branches - St. Louis/ Ferguson / MOFreedom savings0.15%-0.3% $ 1.00 n/a n/a
163 EmployeesValue checkingn/a $ 1.00 n/a n/a
$250M Assests Preferred checkingn/a $ 50.00 n/a $2.50/mo
Gold checking0.10% $ 500.00 $500 bal. $5/mo
Must be a St. Louis resident to join this CUCredit cards~12-24% $0-95/yr
Full List and Map of Black-owned Banks Next City | A Movement to Put Money Into Black-Owned Banks * DLI is lending & DDI is deposit services to black/minority communities via
A - Outstanding B - Above Average C - Average D - Below Average F - Failing ** CRA ratings via
O - Outstanding S - Satisfactory U - Unsatisfactory *** Health grades via
Updated 9/5/2016
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Latest moderate income lux apartments open in the Fenway.

Click for more affordable apartment, condo and homes leads to apply to.


FENWAY on the high-end but below market rate.

BRA Moderate Income-Restricted Rental Opportunity

The Viridian- 1282 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215

Applications will be distributed on Thursday August 18, 2016 at 1pm.

web site

This is NOT a lottery. Applications will be processed on a First Come First Serve basis

One 3 Bedroom Affordable Rental Available (120% AMI)

$2,737 Per Month – Available Early December 2016






1 Full/1 Half

Square Feet:



BRA Affordable Income Limits (120% AMI):

Household Size Minimum Income Limit Maximum Income Limit
1 $68,700 $82,450
2 $78,500 $94,200
3 $88,300 $105,950
4 $98,100 $117,750
5 $105,950 $127,150
6 $113,800 $136,600

Minimum Income Limits Apply

Minimum income requirements do not apply to applicants with Section 8 vouchers.

Maximum Assets: $100,000
Does not include retirement accounts, does include real estate. if all of the household members are over the age of 65 years, household can have combined assets, including all retirement funds of $250,000

Amenities include: TWO Roof Decks, fitness center, concierge

For questions, please contact John Costello @:



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Subsidized housing availability today and beyond.

Towns with openings.

Haverhill, Barnstable, Wellfleet, Revere, and Boston (Dorchester and Roxbury suburbs)


1) make choices at the link to the database form. Pre-select options you qualify for.

Link: Subsidized Housing Online Database produced for Massachusetts

2)  An August 12th  search test using the link above returned 74 building locations where subsidized rentals are available if you used : Zip Code 02119 when selecting 2 Bedroom apt and voucher type (all).

Your results will vary depending on what you select on the form.



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Maximum affordable rental apartment prices set by the BRA.

BRA logo 2015

[ dowloadable apartment lottery leads ]

The Boston Redevelopment Authority set maximum rental prices for affordable apartments in Boston City limits based on a percentage of the area median income of $66,000 a year for one person.

Affordable rental rates will begin at $1,024/mo for studio apartments, $1,194/mo for 1 bedroom, $1,365/mo for 2 bedrooms, and $1,535/mo for 3 bedroom units at BRA designated properties owned by many different developers, property investors and community development corporations.

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New hit: Roxbury multi-floor  house for rent on Mt Pleasant St

MT PLEASANT STREET rental apartments in a brownstone ( rewrite 07/01/16)

Two Roommates Wanted for Apartment Unit
(2 Floors of Living Space 1,400 sq ft) $1,000 per Room

SEE Photos Here

Info about the online application the landlord will require is here

This beautifully renovated apartment in the historic district of Roxbury, a borough of Boston, near Mission and Fort Hills, just outside Dudley and also near transportation and the South Bay Center. It features 2 separate levels of living, full eat-in kitchen with butlers pantry, new cabinets and counters, and stainless steel appliances.

Original pine floors throughout, 12′ ceilings, tall bay windows and 2 skylights that bring in lots of natural sunlight. 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms- all with great closet/ storage space. Large living room with separate area for an office is great for relaxing and entertaining.

Lots of original period details. Laundromat is 3 blocks away and easy street parking if you have a car. Forced hot air heating is not included. Close to Dudley Square Library, hospitals, Interstate 93, and everything the South End and all of Boston have to offer. Applicants must have good credit, references, and rental history (need a co-signer if no history of rental).

This is the same unit with a slightly different description:

Two Roommates Wanted for Apartment Unit (2 Floors of Living Space 1,400 sq ft) $1,000 per Room 02119

This beautifully renovated apartment on a historic street of Roxbury just outside Dudley and near the South Bay Center features 2 separate levels of living, full eat-in kitchen with butlers pantry, new cabinets and counters, and stainless steel appliances. Original pine floors throughout, 12′ ceilings, tall bay windows and 2 skylights that bring in lots of natural sunlight. 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms- all with great closet/ storage space. Large living room with separate area for an office is great for relaxing and entertaining. Lots of original period details have been restored. Laundromat is 3 blocks away and easy street parking if you have a car. Forced hot air heating is not included. Close to Dudley Square Library, hospitals, Interstate 93, and everything the South End and all of Boston have to offer. Applicants must have good credit, references, and rental history.





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Legal help when landlords say no to Section 8 or disability checks.

download the lastest apartment lottery lead sheets here.

Landlords who say no to Section 8 housing vouchers or disability checks when you pay the rent  are breaking the rules. Fortunately you can do something about it.

Call 617-884-7568 to report your trouble or visit the Suffolk Law Housing Discrimination Testing Program web site at 

Suffolk Law’s Housing Discrimination Testing Program (HDTP) is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to work in partnership with the Boston Fair Housing Commission to eliminate housing discrimination in the Boston metro area through testing, enforcement and education.


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Here’s what a $250,000 mortgage deal looks.


You may have seen the ads about 3.5% mortgage financing rates.

Hurry on down!

There are deals out there for just about every FICO score level.

Here’s what one looks like,

Let’s pretend you are buying a $250,000 house.

You can borrow the money for 30 years.  Some people will be offered the lowest interest rate possible. These calculations assume 3.5% with a 20% down payment ($50,000 in this case) and FICO score of +740.  The monthly mortgage would be about $1,213.00 including insurance and taxes in this scenario. You may have to add monthly condo fees if you buy one. When the appraised value of the house is worth a whole lot more than the sales amount, that’s another plus that could bring the interest rate down.

The new 3.5 deals

Have you have heard about the 3.5% down deals?  For a down payment of  $10,000 ( 4% down ) on the same $250,000 house mentioned above, your mortgage payment with taxes and insurance  will be approximately $1588.00/month .   An advertisement in a suburban town near Boston offered loans for a 3.5% down when your FICO score is around +620. Those special loans are widely available.

It pays to shop around for the best mortgage deal that you can find.

Preview personal or business credit improvement counseling we have arranged.



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Mosaic Apartments at Brookline Ave and Jamaicaway go to market at $161k per 1BR in lottery.

The Apartment Leads product ($1.99 per kit)  gives you the latest rental prices, lottery application addresses and phone and email contact info 2 ALL AFFORDABLE studio apartments, 1-4 BR units, condos, affordable houses and open wait lists in Boston and Massachusetts towns.

About Buying vs Renting

At the sparkling new Mosaic on the Jamaicaway apartment tower development on the market right now, the 1BR  apartment market  price is in the high $400k range. But when your income falls between $35,000-$65,000 and your household meets the qualification standard, you’ll be able to buy a unit there for $161,000 lottery price. YOU HAVE UNTIL MAY 23 TO APPLY AT MOSIAC.

Uur Download Shelf Product File lists opportunities that will not expire until late July 2016.

Today’s mortgage rates hover between 3-6% depending on who you are. so your mortgage payment could be equal or lower than most market-rate Boston apartments rent for. In our opinion, you should buy before rent!

At  Mosaic Apartments on the Jamaicaway, the income restricted prices were:

Mosiac Apartments on Jamaica way prices

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Free Housing Search Workshops from the Boston Center for Independent Living

Workshops are being held every month on the First and Third  Wednesday, you can come downtown to Temple Place across from Boston Common  near Tremont Street and participate.

This Free workshop offers information and answers about how to conduct a successful housing search, including learning how to communicate with housing authorities, agencies, and landlords.
When: First and third Wednesdays of each month from 10am-12pm.

Where: 60 Temple Place, Floor 5, Boston MA 02111.

More Info:  617-338-6665